My Naim OC Journey

Just curious - you upgraded to 300 series from SN3. Did you also audition the 200 series and OC 282/250 DR ?

Hi, not directly from the SN3, I followed quite a common route :slightly_smiling_face: Started with the SN3 and ND5XS2 (couldn’t run to the NDX2 at the time), then added the nDAC a couple of years ago. Then it was 282/SN3 followed by 282/250.

I went to demo the New Classic with the intention of evaluating the 332 to replace the 282 and the new 250 to replace the 250 DR. Where it all went wrong for my savings was when I heard the 350s :joy:


Your poor wallet :joy: How much of an improvement was the NAC 282 and then the 250 DR over the SN3 ?

Indeed! :grimacing:

The 282 was a big step up, having never heard separates before I was curious, and while I was naturally expecting an improvement it was a big surprise. The 250 that followed was a more subtle upgrade for me, certainly noticed the extra grunt it brought but at first it didn’t seem as big a jump as the 282 was. It wasn’t until I put the SN3 back into power amp duty as a test that I really appreciated the 250, it’s a fantastic amp.
I’ve often found that stepping back to what I had before really shows the differences more easily.

I kept the SN3 while I had the 282/250 as I wanted to be sure it was the route I wanted to take, turned out it was and I traded in all three boxes against the 332/350s which eased the pain … slightly :slightly_smiling_face:


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