My new Nova - issues

Hi guys, I don’t know why it is but I have all sorts of issues playing my iPhone through a lightning cable connected to the front USB port. I get the ‘No USB device detected’ message. Does anyone else have similar issues and potential fixes? I had similar issues with the Uniti2 but the Nova iussues seem to more hard wired. Surely it should be simple just to plug the iPhone in and play Apple Music?

I could be wrong but I thought the usb on the uniti series was just for usb sticks and hard drives/ssd storage. When I had the uniti atom I only accessed Apple Music via airplay so I’m not 100% sure.

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The Nova, (or any other Naim product to the best of my knowledge), is not designed to connect using a lightning to USB cable.
The iPhone can connect using Airplay and if you absolutely must, Bluetooth.
The USB port on the front is for connecting a USB memory stick or drive, not iPhone.

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1st gen streamers had Apple ‘Works with iPhone’ certification. Naim chose this in preference to Airplay. With 2nd gen streamers they chose Airplay (and Chromecast) instead, so that is what you’ll need to use. The USB ports are now for USB storage devices only.

That seems like a step backwards as the cable connection gives much better quality. The Uniti2 could do it albeit with a few glitches. I guess we will have to wait for Airplay2 to support Lossless. I wonder when that will be though?

To be honest I think any playback method that uses a phone (and therefore a wireless leg) in the signal path is less than ideal. If you really want the best sound quality 24 bit Qobuz, or possibly Tidal, are going to win every time.

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