My next pre-loved box?

Hi forum,

I want your opinions: Which is the most bang-for-the-buck upgrade from these three contenders:

supercap dr
xps dr
250 dr

…Looking for even more PRaT :wink: Which to go for first? (all are available pre-loved). Please motivate your answers, effectively doing my work for me, hehe

system today: NDX, 282, HC, 200, Graham Audio LS5/9f, all powerlines & hiline

250 DR, that 282 could use the extra space to flex in😉
My next upgrade, which is already underway, is 282/300DR


XPS DR or 250 DR methinks.

I had 282 HiCap DR/200 and replaced the 200 with a 250 DR. The 250 DR is a significant upgrade on the 200. The system sounds all grown up. Previously, playing bass-heavy records such as Fat Freddy’s Drop at volume could result in clipping. The 250 DR doesn’t suffer from that affliction. Your speakers quote 87dB sensitivity. Mine are much easier to drive (92dB) so I think the 250 DR would be even more beneficial in your case.

Since adding the 250 DR, I swapped the Stageline K for a Superline. I mention this to note that, after the 250 DR, I looked for source improvements (rather than adding Supercap DR to the 282, or swapping 282 for 252). I don’t have experience of Supercap on a 282, but lots suggest it’s underwhelming as an upgrade. (Some say it’s transformational, too, but most I think feel it is overkill for 282.)

I reckon, then, either the XPS DR or the 250 DR, and I’d err on the side of the 250 DR.


I’d strongly suggest 250 first. Either olive or DR will be a significant upgrade.

Second is XPSDR for the NDX2. I found that noticeably better.

I personally would not get a Supercap unless planning to swap 282 for a s/h 252 or even olive 52. Either preamp would be a worthwhile step.

Having swapped in a 300DR for a 250 (sending old 82/HC/250 to a second system), I would say that a 250 is perfect for a 282 - if going further (e.g. any 300) the pre-amp upgrade above 282 becomes the priority.


I do not think you could go wrong with any of these 3…!!

My approach is to look around and see what you can find - at a price which appeals. Given the new NC range, all 3 boxes you list may become more available, pre-loved.

(M y system is similar to yours and has an XPS and a 250 in it - with the Supercap being on the Wish List. I have had my 250 since 1985.)


If 282 Is still Fed by 200, go for S.cap but as above, probably relatively overkill. So, i’d dare Say XPS, HiCap for 282 staying with NAP 200 which i probably prefer to 250 (unless the latter Is DR)


When I had the same I went 250DR first and then XPS DR.

I then upgraded the source to an NDS adding a 555DR later.

With hindsight I Ieft the source upgrade far too long. I didn’t realise that the NDX bare is somewhat unrefined, the XPS DR takes all that away.

If you are planning to do both then do which ever comes up first but otherwise I may lean to doing the XPS.

Once you have done the XPS don’t overlook a 300 non DR (or DR if budget permits). It works really well with the 282/Highcap even though this conflicts with accepted system priorities. The 300 is so much better than the 250 and prices for used models are coming down.


Nap 250DR first since it will have a positive impact on everything upstream.


So many options (as always with Naim) but you specifically said “bang for buck” so I’d do it in this order.

Step 1) XPS DR - great now and if (when :rofl:) you move to NDX2

NDX2 - market will be awash before too long as people move to NSS333 and prices bound to fall (source first and all that)

Step 3) Forget 250DR, you’ve already mentioned SuperCap DR which likely means that you have at the very least pondered the thought of a 252, so go for a 300DR instead - as noted above s/h prices are coming down quite a bit lately (recently seen £2k nonDR and £2.5k DR)

Step 4) SuperCapDR - comes with an inevitability attached…

Step 5) 252 - finish in style and reap the benefits of steps 1-4

Hey, I could get used to this whole spending other people’s money thing!


Just wanted to follow up by saying I went with the XPS DR first. Found a nice unit pre-loved last week. Impression after three days is WOW, just wow.

Since my new more revealing speakers Ive had a bit of grain in presentation and I had been missing a bit of Oomph in certain music, going away from the partypleasing Ariva’s.

With Ndx partnered by this PS and my new speakers the ”Oomph” is certainly all the way back and it’s just all across the spectra A So much better and more enjoyable listen!

Would recommend to anyone, great value upgrade up there with changing say a 202 to 282 as I did about a year ago.


Good Move. Just go with whatever you find…!!!

You’re limited to what is available but I would prioritize a 250DR, the 200 is holding your system back.

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My choice your be:

  1. XPS DR
  2. NAP 250 DR
  3. SuperCap DR

I have the above three in my system today. …and enjoyed each addition.

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