My-so 1st gen and airplay

Can you use Apple airplay on 1st gen my-so ? I just get can’t connect message. Firmware 1.8.0 installed. I don’t want to subscribe to Apple Music if I can’t stream to mu-so


I can stream from my iTunes library to gen 1 Muso. Oddly enough I never see Airplay mention though, if you play something from your iTunes library and connect by the red icon (middle) at the bottom of your Apple device.

Thx for that. I wanted to use Apple Music app to stream but can’t get it to connect :rage:

Im sure someone with more technical knowledge than me will come to your aid. Good luck. :+1:

The 1st generation Mu-So and Mu-So Qb support AirPlay 2. I have a Qb and can use AirPlay from any of my Apple devices without issue. If the firmware is up to date on the Mu-So and your devices are connected to the same network (not on a separate sub-net) then you have a router or network issue. Update the firmware in your router and ensure your Apple device really is connected to the same network as the Mu-So.

Once you’ve checked all that (see XMB’s post above) then try re-booting the router and all your devices then try again.

Hi I’ve tried it all and it still won’t connect. Spotify connects perfectly and radio channels working fine. I really don’t understand as I’ve got everything connected to the same network and all software is upto date :rage:

It certainly should work - I use Airplay regularly on the Mu-So. Does the Mu-So just not show up as an Airplay speaker for you to use?

It shows up as a speaker but I just get the message air play cannot connect. I did wonder if it’s because I’m not subscribed to Apple Music yet. I’ve just let my Spotify premium lapse and just noticed that if I try Spotify the muso is greyed out and says premium only underneath ?

Don’t want to switch to Apple Music and find I can’t connect the muso

OK, the fact that it shows up as a speaker is good news. That means it’s connecting OK and, all else being well, should work, however I can’t be sure as I don’t use Apple Music, just iTunes. I would suggest asking Apple.

Cheers Richard

I use first gen Mu-so via Airplay in Roon all the time, no apple music software in sight (other than the iPad or MacBook OS) . Has to be a network issue.

Thanks all. Finally resolved. Rebooted speaker and it now airplay’s. So weird that everything else was working except airplay.

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