My speaker upgrade audition plans

As planned, I’ve booked a speaker audition at my dealer’s for early next month. My shortlist includes:

  • Spender D7.2 (which I’ve heard before)
  • Kudos Super 20a (I’m expecting to get a good deal on these as recently discontinued)
  • B&W 702 S3 (I currently have B&W speakers)
  • Russell K 120SE (suggested by my dealer)

Although out of my price range, I’m also going to listen to Kudos 606. They are probably too much for my music room (3.5m x 4.7m), but there is only one way to find out :grinning:.

I’ll update this thread as I whittle these down to a home demo list.


The S20 are discontinued?

Still on their website.


That’s what my dealer told me.

Your dealer is correct
That model is discontinued and so any left in dealers, such as demo’ pairs, are likely to be at a good price.

When they are gone, they’re gone.

Good luck with your shortlist and listening sessions

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I have only heard the Russell K from your list, at a dealer evening around 2019, & conducted by Russell himself. An extremely modest, likeable man.

The system was a Naim pre. (can’t recall which) & a NAP250. It sounded superb, although was bettered by the Russell K 150 (space & wallet permitting).

I could have easily lived with the 120’s if I couldn’t stretch to the larger model.

Will be very interested in your opinions & what you eventually end up with.

Hope you enjoy the journey.

I have not heard the speakers you mention other than the B&W’s. I have the 702 Signatures myself with a Supertnait 1 + “other brand” PS and chose them after an extensive search. Tested against Focal, Kef and some others in the same price range, they just sounded right to me. Three months after I bought them the S3 came out and the 702’s went to heavy discount. I went back to my dealer for a quick listen and they were open for a deal but I did not find them that different and actually preferred my 702’s. I still see 702’s being offered new for about half price (which makes me cry) but if you see them somewhere I would definitely take a listen. The Gaia feet are a must-have upgrade, not sure if that’s the same for the S3.

Given the size of your listening room, I would also consider standmounts, with a NAP 250 fill your space with music. Enjoy the search!

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Whilst not by any means huge, that is by no means a small listening room. I had a house with a similar sized room a few years ago, with IMF RSPM floorstanding full range transmission line monitor speakers, which worked very well with the room. Nearest equivalent today probably PMC Twenty5-26 or above.

If I were looking, I would give ProAc a listen. I have had four pairs. They do a great job with exotic wood, and they sound at home in a Naim system. Get the right size for your system and be sure it has the ribbon tweeter if you can.


Although I may attempting to be teaching your grandmother to suck eggs I presume you know the importance of checking speakers in your own room and that the room speaker interface overrides all other considerations.



I was going to suggest auditioning some ProAcs but @Skip beat me to it. That’s two votes anyway!

I was close to buying some ProAc Response D18s about 15 years ago, I recall them sounding pretty awesome.


Indeed, once my shortlist is down to two possibles I will demo at home to make the final decision.

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Be interested to see how you get on… I have my eye on these too, possibly not the SE version though. RK speakers are quite simply some of the most involving and enjoyable speakers I have heard in the near to near-mid field. The 150s are great too, but quite bass heavy, and possibly too much for your room, so the 120s could be great. If you listen within 3 m of your speakers the RK 50s are pretty awesome.

I have been an ATC fan for many years, and as great as they are, the RK simply walk all over them when it comes to insight, nuance and timing. (If you have electronics up to the task). Dynaudio are another range to consider, but again the RKs steal the show in the same way they do with ATCs.


Unfortunately, my dealer doesn’t stock ProAc, ATC or PMC speakers, so I’d need to audition them elsewhere.

I might consider B&W 805 D4 speakers, but I generally prefer floor standing speakers.

That’s encouraging.

Will be interesting to find out what you end up with.
I just added Spendor D7.2s to my setup. I didn’t actually listen to much else, because most of my auditioning was streamers and amp combinations (not just Naim). I kinda knew Spendor would suit my preferences, having listened to Dynaudio and PMC in my hifis for 15 years. So I started with D7.2s, immediately liked them, and they sounded great with every amp I tried.

I’ve only had the whole setup at home for less than a week. So far, happy days!


I think your on a similar mission to the one I am thinking about going down. I am considering new speakers, and would have auditioned the Kudos speakers - shame they are discontinuing them.

I remember the russell K 120s from when i last auditioned speakers and regret not trying them in my room. Please update the thread with your thoughts when you have auditioned the speakers.

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Be careful when you listen to the 505’s…. once heard, bought! :innocent:


Spendor D7.2 here in a 3.9m x 4.9m room, they sound great with my NC 222/300/250 stack. Enjoy your demoing!