My System no Longer Needs Upgrading and it feels STRANGE!

To the OP, considering your system no longer needing upgrading and feeling strange: Try reversing the direction of the fuse (that probably means several fuses, so one at a time. (See thread: How & why are fuses directional?!)

Why should I reverse the fuse if things are working well?

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Well might well ask.The linked thread suggests you could be in for a revelation… (Not everyone is convinced.)

I for one am not going to spend any time reversing fuse direction.

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Achieving contentment with what one has is a blissful state and like many on here I think I am close to being there (but then I have said that before!)

Being a reviewer is both a blessing and a curse! The last upgrade from NDX to NDX2 was driven by hearing the NSS 333. Reviewing the Lyra Kleos SL and AT ART20 made me realise how much I was missing with my OC9 so that’s next on the list!

There’s a Klimax LP12 inbound shortly for review and despite hearing the Linn LP12 on many occasions in various guises I can’t help but be excited to hear what the grand master can do in my system when I live with it for a couple of months. Wasn’t it Steve Jobs who said “Stay hungry, stay foolish…”

JonathanG (Still hungry and still foolish after 39 years pursuing a straight wire with infinite gain)

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I believe I’ve reached the end of constantly upgrading and happy with my combo. I’ve been upgrading since 94 and feel it’s almost like chasing your own tail. I’m now no longer interested in tweaking cables fiddling with this or that or making sure making I have the latest component, thing is there will always been something new or better. I’ve even canceled all my hi fi mags and content just to listen to the music.


Nice one Pete, a great place to be.


Likewise for me Pete

On the other hand :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:!!!

Nah - I need to get rid of a few boxes

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Say that in the thread I linked!

I saw that thread. I don’t really want to join the discussion.

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