Mytek: Brooklyn Bridge

Has anyone had any experiences? I have opportunity to purchase one at a good price from my local dealer but cannot borrow for home demo (last unit).

I demoed one last year for my headphone system. I really liked it and ended up buying the Brooklyn DAC+ as I already had a suitable network source. A year on I’m still very happy with it. Some thoughts from the demo last year against the Chord TT2 and DAVE

I don’t have the Bridge, but I do have the Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ which I use with a Sonore microRendu, and I marginally prefer it to my Chord Hugo (1) with the microRendu. It was a close call, because they each have their plus points, but on the whole find it to be a little better all round.

One caveat - I use the Brooklyn DAC+ with an SOTM SBooster Eco linear power supply which I find improves the sound just a little, but which obviously also adds a little to the cost.

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I have the Brooklyn Dac+ Which I use with Allo Usbridge Sig for headphone duties, I’m very pleased with it.

I had a BB on demo just before lockdown. I’d read a number of positive reviews, particularly the one in HiFi News.
I was very impressed by its sound quality. I found the facia mounted controls fiddly to use and this wasn’t helped by the black finish which made the black buttons hard to see. I was tempted to buy it but held back as there’s no internet radio capability (I don’t remember any of the reviews mentioning this). While I could have got internet radio in other ways, I felt the BB should have had it, indeed I’ve not heard of another streamer without this facility.
I’ve since got a used Brooklyn DAC+, which came with the added bonus of an SBooster power supply. I’m just using this to stream Tidal and Qobuz at present from my Mac Mini running Audirvana. To me, this was the best outcome possible.


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