n-SATS - recommendations for stands?

I’ve had a DAC-V1 and NAP-100 for a good number of years and recently got hold of a set of n-SATS to go with it (head in shame as to what I was historically using on my desk).

I’m looking for recommendations for a set of stands (looking around there doesn’t seem to be any of the original stands on sale and I’d like to get up and running soon). Ideally something low-ish profile, and if possible to secure the speaker to the stand when our cat thinks it looks like a tree !

Would appreciate any thoughts / recommendations.

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Yes nstands difficult to locate

Have a look at Custom Design speaker stand range on their website ( UK based manufacturer) there is a pretty big range

Our illustrious leader @Richard.Dane may have some ideas

I use the nstands with my nSats- they are very good

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Many thanks for the reply - I will check it out…

I would get something temporary of suitable size and height but keep an eye on the usual places and hold out for the stands that they were designed for, maybe ring around some of the more likely Naim dealers.

Did your n-Sats come with the metal bobbins attached to the rear?


If your desk is butted up against a wall, then a pair of Naim n-Brackets might be preferable.

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Custom Design do a relatively well priced stand the FS103

I don’t think you could go wrong with that one until the nstands come along

However it’s best to fill the central column with their inert filler which I’ve found to be a great benefit on the Neat Petite 30 anniversary model I’m currently using them on

You may even find a used pair on some sites. If not Paul at Custom Design is very helpful

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A FS103 under Neat Motive SX3 today. They’re good stands, but you have to be careful not to knock them, or when moving them around, they can topple quite easily!

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With the inert filler in each central column I find them pretty solid

There is a 4 column one the FS104 which is rather good also but of course more pricey


Mine are filled. I just had two nervous moments, one whilst moving them, one when I accidentally bumped one, where they nearly toppled over! Now, I’d love an excuse to buy new speakers, but not at the expense of seeing mine in bits on the floor :wink:

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Do you like the naim XS3 gthack?

Very much so.

I had the pleasure of hearing it in a dealer’s demo room a few months ago, with my SX3s (was demoing a ND5 XS2 and Vertere dg-1, but using my Hugo and Systemdek as baselines). That brought two things into dramatic relief, how good my system can sound with its current sources, and how much my listening room is holding it back!

Are you thinking about getting hold of one?!

No I’ve got the SN3 /HICapDR combo

It’s just good to hear from someone who gets enjoyment from the SX3


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Richard’s point about the bobbins on the rear is crucial. The N-Sats only contact the stands via the bobbins and a screw that bears against the metal disc on the back. It’s pretty straightforward to replicate this mounting to preserve the original design criteria. I have done this with generic wall mounts to suspend them the same way as n- Brackets.
The Naim speaker manual has diagrams that show how it is arranged:


Thanks, I will check if I have the metal bobbins (away from home right now). I had thought about dealers, but had no luck in something ‘legacy’ in the past (albeit not Naim) figuring if people had something they’d have already sold it.

Thanks for the welcome and reply. In my room setup it has to be stands, though after your comment I realised I could actually initially place them on top of some other cabinets (not ideal, but good interim solution).

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Thanks, checking online there are some sets. I figure I could also re-sell again down the line.

Thanks. I have a large cat who likes to climb things, so I fear the minute these are around they will be a secondary (and third !) activity centre.

Thanks, from this I’m thinking I need something very stable for the cat !

Thanks, I will check to see if I have them (not at home right now). I figured I could also make something that could fix to the bracket. My worry on a stand without any form of ‘bolt’ is that the cat will knock them over !

Hah. We have a large cat too, I won’t embarrass her further by saying how much she weighs, thankfully she’s never shown the slightest interest in jumping on them!

And being honest, the near misses have been my fault, should have been more careful. FWIW, and IIRC, what HiFi reviewed the 103 and 104, and found the 104 distinctly better.

(She’s a moggy, but with a lot of British Blue in her, I think they tend to be larger & more sedentary than the norm.)

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