N-serve Downloads folder tracks not streamed

Dear All,
First of all, I browsed through the Forum for more than 3 hours but, I did not find an effective reply to fix my issue.

I have a UnitiServe 2TB (US) with the firmware version 1.7c RC1. Music folder is full of tracks as well as the Downloads folder. I can browse both folders with the Finder of my MAC and play the tracks using VLC application as an example.

However, I cannot see neither stream (through my ND5XS) the tracks from the US Downloads folder, using N-Serve app with my MacBook. I am only able to stream the tracks from the US Music folder.

How can I allow N-Serve to also display and play the tracks from the Downloads folder?

Which setting has to be modified in N-Serve to also allow access to Downloads folder?

Thanks for your support

You should use the Naim app rather than nServe. This should allow the ND5 to see them, choose them and play them.

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It does depend whether he is using the Unitiserve as a upnp streamer or a hard disc player. I know he says stream but,….

Anyway even with the Focal/Naim app looking at upnp in the ND5 XS room, he may not see the contents of the downloads folder if the Unitiserve hasn’t scanned the downloads folder yet. In my experience, it can take weeks for the Unitiserve to scan for updated music, although usually it’s quicker than that.

Anyway one thing at a time. First thing he should try is using the Focal/Naim app. Something else to say is that when you use that app for the first time, you don’t have to set it up for the ND5 XS. It doesn’t appear in the list of equipment but it will just work if he taps “Use existing device” on the entry page of the app.

Nice try, but this does not work with the Focal/Naim app. As the US is connected to the ND5XS through coaxial wire, there is no chance to access content.

@ [davidhendon] Do you mean that I should wait some hours/days to let the Unitiserve scans the Downloads folder to be able to access its tracks?
In fact, I restarted my US after several months of having it switched off and I do not remember if I had access to the Downloads folder tracks before.
If it could be a matter of time, I will let it switch on the all night and observe the result.

Ok so you are using it as a hard disc player not a upnp server. So you do indeed need to use the nserve app not the Focal/Naim app.

Assuming you have selected the right source in n-serve then it should be reading the downloads folder. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been turned off, it’s all about getting the Unitiserve to scan the downloads folder. Once it’s done it, all of that music should just appear in the all albums list.

Leaving it on all night is definitely worth doing. In fact leaving it on all the time is what you should do. The only way I know to force a rescan by the Unitiserve is by using the Windows Desktop Client which is on the same disc that had 1.7c on it. It runs on a Windows PC that is on the same network as the Unitiserve. It’s so long since I used the DTC, I couldn’t now tell you how to do it, but that software is very old school so you need to think 1980 not 2023 when you approach it. Maybe Naim Technical Support can be more helpful than me.

In N-Serve you should see all albums listed together, regardless of whether they are CD rips or downloads. Are you sure that none of the downloads are visible?
If you click on Devices in N-Serve you will see Server (which is CD rips) and Downloads listed separately. Have you looked there just to make sure the albums are all missing?

A couple of other things to try in N-Serve:
Go to Maintenance > Network shares and check that the Downloads folder is active. While you’re there, maybe try Rescan.
Go to Maintenance > System Functions and select Rebuild DB.

@ [ChrisSU] I checked on Devices in N-Serve information and observed that I only have Server displayed. Downloads is not listed there. I can observe Music and Downloads listed in the menu System configuration/Share Scanning/Aut-activate Share Names = Music;Downloads.
Does this ring a bell to someone ?

I also tried twice the Rebuild DB function but, this did not make any change.

You seem to live in an apple world. The desktop client on pc is the best tool to work with the servers. However the n-serve ios app still is much better than the more or less halfbaked n-serve for mac.
You do not tell where the download music comes from but it seems as if the music has worked or maybe you have copied it from somewhere else. Meta data conflict with the server software can be an issue, but it seems like you are not seeing the share at all wich is strange.

What did you put in the downloads folder are you confident it has excellent metadata? If you put WAVs in the download folder all bets are off.

I am not sure if the metadata’s is complete or in excellent shape. Most of the files are effectively in WAVs format. And yes @Claus, I live in Apple’s world for the computing as I do not like hurdles and constant OS update.
Any suggestion on how to process the music files to have metadata’s perfectly set ?

There is a tool that can edit meta data or missing meta data. The importatn thing to understand is that the filename is not part of the metadata used by streamers, so even if you can see the files and stream them from other computers or smartphones because they can see and you can understand the filenames upnp streaming does not work that way.

You can install dbpoweramp on your computer. Get the Mac version. Then use it to convert the files to flac, then add the metadata: Artist, album, song titles, genre etc, and the album art. You can do this for any music in the downloads folder. Files in the MQ folder can only be edited using the nServe app.

If they are wavs then you need to add metadata, even more ideally get flac versions of them or convert them to flac once the metadata is sorted.

Hi, Thank you for all your comments and hints. I will look for the solution proposed or turn to a complete different system to store and stream my music.

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