N-sub connection to speakers

Hi. Just got a N-sub and tried hooking it up to the Superuniti preamp output. Doesn’t seem to sound the best so I thought I’d try the speaker cables route. Cabled to bass speaker inputs post the pasive crossover but couldn’t get a peep out of the N-sub. Tried the speaker cables direct from the Superuniti and still nothing, despite trying AV, AMP and AUX modes so I must be doing something wrong. The manual is less than helpful, so any suggestions would be very welcome.

IIRC, high level input is AMP.

If you’re getting nothing then it may need looking at.

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Have you reset the N-Sub to factory defaults to ensure that any previous users settings are erased. Even if this doesn’t solve your issue, it’s worth doing so that you can set it up from scratch using a configuration that suits your room and speakers.
Have you inadvertently hit the mute button on the N-Sub or its remote?

….not sure what you mean by connecting to the bass inputs post the passive crossover. The N-Sub has its own adjustable low pass filter, so you should feed it a full range signal and let it deal with it.

Thanks Richard and Chris,

I’ll try a factory reset.

Hi Ewen,

Over the years I have used subs I have found the BEST results have come from wiring the sub from the speakers, as you are trying. However, you do have to be careful to get the wiring from the speakers into the high level input correct.

Hope the reset works.



Thanks for this. I was sort of assuming that in effect you just extended the speaker cable from either the input to the P-Xover or the input to the speaker bass unit post P-Xover with shotgun speaker cable into another pair of Naim standard speaker cable connectors, with red going to red and black to black, and plug these into the N-Sub speaker connection posts. Does that sound about right?

And should you happen to know, would it be OK just taking the speaker cables out from the speakers and plug them directly into the N-Sub just to check that it’s working correctly. Can’t see anything wrong with this in theory.

Any and all top tips gratefully received. Still to do a reset and I’ll check my circuitry with a voltmeter.



Hi Ewen,

My advice would be to speak to Naim technical support and act on their advice; that is the route I have always gone.


Can you clarify what you mean by ‘post P-Xover’ or perhaps post a photo? What speakers are you using?

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