N-sub connection

Hello guys, I’m using an Atom with n-sats and n-sub.
The sub is less than 2 meters far from the atom. In house I have 2 cables suitable for the connection:
a 6 meters long 2 RCA to 2 RCA
a 4 meters long 1 RCA to 2 RCA
Which one is the best choice ?

Best check with Naim on how suitable the Pre-amp output on the Atom is for driving a long i/c. The cable itself should be low capacitance but you may still need to slug it with a resistor (Naim’s own Sub lead had a 100R fitted and came in 5m and 10m length). You’ll need to send the n-Sub a stereo signal (even though it gets summed to mono inside the sub), so a 2 xRCA cable is best.

I would suggest that you sell the long cables and buy one that is just long enough. This will more than likely eliminate the issue of long cables that can be harder to drive, and will eliminate the clutter of extra cable all over the floor, which might also degrade sound quality by picking up interference.

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