N-sub question

Hi peeps

I wondered if any of you fine upstanding Naim types out there had used an N-sub in conjunction with a Nac 52/Nap 250/Sibbles type combo?

If so, would that have to be active?

Please feel free to tell me to jump in the nearest canal for such heresy!

Many thanks


The N-Sub is an active sub, as are the vast majority of subs intended for home audio and AV use. If you can get it integrated properly into your room, which is not always so easy, it can be a great addition to any system.
Be prepared to take some time getting the setup right, otherwise it can ruin an otherwise great system. Keep an open mind about location. It’s a heavy beast but you’ll want to move it around the room to see where it works best.

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Thanks for that Chris…does that mean it can be intergrated into my passive system fed from the speaker terminals?


Yes, you can use a high level connection from the speaker terminals. You just need some thin speaker cable, so it’s cheap.
Alternatively use a low level connection from the preamp taken from a spare socket on the Supercap would work.

Hi Clive

I’m using my N-sub with 272/XPS2/250.2/SBL’s to great effect.

Run a lead from your power supply and spend considerable time experimenting on set-up. In order of import (according to me!), position, level, cut in freq and polarity.

Little is more, if that makes sense :wink:


Thank for the info Jay

When you say lead to the suoercap, what kind of jead are we talking?

I just have a feeling sibbles are the perfect speakers to use an N-sub with…if done in a subtle way.


If you are taking a low level pre-out signal from the PS then you need to make sure it’s either the specific Naim sub lead (was available in 5m or 10m lengths), which contains a slugging resistor, or one that is similarly slugged with a 100R resistor, otherwise it can result in instability from the pre-amp.

Ok Richard

Is that the preferred way of connecting to the N-sub from a Nac 52/Supercap/ Nap 250?


Preferred is to take a high level signal off the back of the loudspeaker’s terminals.

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