N-vi - is it time to let go?

Amongst other Naim ket, I have a N-vi (great name btw) as my home theatre amp, apart from the display dimming, it is still going strong, or rather it was, until we had a power cut recently, when it was on. The Mains power flickered off and on repeatedly, then stayed off. Now the N-vi is not powering up, the logo and control buttons light up, but it won’t power up and the dvd drawer won’t open. I have checked the two external fuses and they are good. I’ve opened up the box to check for any internal fuses, couldn’t find any, and I couldn’t see any scorch marks either. I have tried the unit reset cycle - power off and on holding the Stop button on the remote, and that didn’t reset it. Anything left to try, or is it time to say goodbye N-vi?

Maybe it’s just the fuse…I hope for you

Eamon, when you try to power on does the screen say it’s powering up at all?

No, the screen was very dim before anyhow (common issue I know) but now it’s blank, I can hear the dvd spinning up though.

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