N-Vi Remote Control

Hi Everyone, The N-Vi has 6 inputs on the rear for ancillary equipment. Digital 1/2/3 and Analogue 1/2/3
Is it possible to select a particular input using the supplied remote control without scrolling through the full selection to get to the one you require?

Any advice would be appreciated .

Cheers Paul

Normally the Naim remotes let you select inputs by pressing the relevant numerical key. As the nVi is an AV thing, you probably have to press the av key first, or possibly pre, to get the remote in the appropriate mode. Try both, one should work.

Will try, thank you !

AV, followed by 8 selected analogue input 2….I’ll have to investigate further !

Looks like Analogue 1/2/3 are AV 7/8/9…

No digital sources fitted but that’s ok …

Many thanks for your help ….no mention of this in the user handbook!!!