N272 dropping out of app

NAC N272 dropping out of Naim app. How to solve the issue?

Forum search?

There are many variations of setup, any one of these would have a different solution.
Wired or WiFi?
Router / switch configuration
Mesh WiFi with dhcp left on?

I have found no forum discussion solving this drop out problem although quite a few seem to experience this. Switching N272 on and off 5 times a day is not the right solution and turning DHCP on and off is also a nuisance.
I have a Fritz router and Fritz repeater. N272 is connecting via wifi. If I do a wifi speed test with my iPad on the N272 I have 400 Mbps.
Streamer version 4.8. I must say that all drop out problems started with the update to 4.8 and incidentally corresponding to Naim Focal merge.

There is no need to turn on/off DHCP, just leave it on. Only your main router should be DHCP enabled.

The way to make it work properly is to connect your 272 to your router by Ethernet. And you have to be careful that your phone is on the same network as the 272 and not one that is logically different. I would look at your Fritz repeater in particular. That way your 272 will just always be there, like mine is.

Thanks for your advice davidh

We fixed all connectivity issues by a TPLink Deco PoE WiFi mesh system., the system has been rock solid since. It gives a MUCH better quality of WiFi signal than our ‘router’ ever did.

Note that to get reliable connectivity WiFi repeaters are a BAD idea, on the other hand a true mesh system can work really well (provided it’s either a multi channel system with light Wifi use, or preferably using a wired return channel).

In our case we needed to put an access point where there wasn’t a mains socket, hence choosing a PoE system.

My Fritz wifi repeater is connected via Ethernet. It’s just that I don’t have an Ethernet connection near enough to the N272.

Are you running this as a WiFi repeater or do you have a FritzBox and have it configured as a true mesh system?

Have you remembered to turn off the WiFi on your ‘router’?

I guess it is configured as a mesh as my repeater (on the ground floor) is connected via Ethernet and serving the N272 by WiFi. My router is upstairs and serving the bedrooms in WiFi mode, so I can not turn WiFi off.

If the Fritz Router isn’t a FritzBox, then it’s configured as a WiFi repeater, not a mesh.

It’s likely that the problem is either

  1. Using a WiFi repeater
  2. Low signal strength or poor quality of WiFi signal from the Router
  3. If the Fritz router and repeater are set independently to use the same SSID, then they will conflict with each other.

As mentioned earlier, my router is Fritz box, my repeater is Fritzbox Ethernet wired to the Fritz box. My wifi signal strength on the N272 from the repeater is 400 Mbps.
Did you experience this problem with a Naim (N272) product and did you solve it? If so how?

As Xanthe mentions you need to check item 3.

Have you tried disconnecting the repeater?

In that case the router and repeater are presumably forming a mesh network rather than an old fashioned WiFi base station and extender?
My experience with the latter (albeit it not Fritzbox) is that 1st gen Naim streamers can be subject to dropouts even when the connection appears to be strong. For example, I had a Superuniti some years ago, and put an Apple Airport Extreme less than 5 metres away, with unobstructed line of sight between them. The SU dropped connection regularly for no apparent reason. If I put a phone, laptop, or any other WiFi enabled device on top of the SU it would work flawlessly. In the end I put an extender (in this case an Airport Express) next to the SU and connected them with a patch cable, which worked fine.

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