NA 326/1 link boards

I do like what Darran did to my last 72 ( yes, i own 3). Previously he remade the wire links that short any board ( these are cut when a board is added).
But this time, a short piece of insulated wire terminated with plugs, that then er plug into the pins on the motherboard on the 72. Meaning that they can be removed/replaced by the user.


Thank you for all the replies, can’t remember how I come by them but I did have a 70/140 for a while. Like mentioned above they are very simple things and a soldering iron could do the job but to keep things original, job done.

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Yep. The 326, Naim’s most underwhelming plug in board ever.

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Yep, surprised they weren’t given free with a new pre amp.

Thanks for sharing those detailed close up images.
The geek in me has just spent a few moments studying those…

Thanks for sharing :+1:

:joy: No problem

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Please can you help and measure the size (dimensions) of those boards. Just curious.

Thanks in advance

Sorry for the late reply, the dimensions are 51mm x 46mm.

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