NA 326/1 link boards

I’m treading very carefully here as I don’t want to break any rules on selling. I have some new looking NA 326/1 link boards which I had for a pre amp years ago but never fitted. A work colleague wants to buy them from be but don’t know what they maybe worth. I don’t want to rip him off so anybody suggest a price. Sorry if I’ve over stepped the mark :thinking:

An original Naim pair?
Lovely :+1:

I’ve never actually seen a set for sale - anywhere - in 3 years of looking for same. So, in that sense, they are worth what ever a buyer will pay. Maybe bear that in mind.

However, you can find replacements for not much… say 30-50 (max) a pair.

Actually, they are a very simple thing. A small PCB with just a few tracks and a couple of pin connectors, with no active components.

Hope that helps.

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Really…? Are you sure…? I just checked and couldn’t find any… :thinking:

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Hi Ian

For sure…
Take a look at my “Project Olive” :wink:

(Hey, forum rules prevent me from saying - where specifically - you might look. But it’s out there)…

But an original Naim pair, that’s really cool.

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Same here. Never seen any. But im not sure what i would be prepared to pay. Darran has either replaced mine, or more recrntly made ip removable link wires that can be removed/replaced.
Yes, an original set would be nice, but for how much?

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@IanRobertM @Thegreatroberto

Just curious, what would you pay for an original pair?
(Which was kind of the question in the OP)

Best wishes

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There are probably any number of them lying around, forgotten and unused, in drawers in Naim dealer’s premises.

It might be worth a few phone calls to dealers such as Audio T, Grahams, Cymbiosis et al.

£10/£30 But, their real vLue is nore about attempting to put the nac back to a standard.

Personally, i got my 3 off 72s sorted by Darran when serviced.


Completely agree. Found myself in that exact same situation, during my own “Project Olive”. I was so keen to achieve an “original” or otherwise high quality outcome for the work done on those Olive pieces.
But, it’s also brilliant Darran can do things like that for customers.

Best wishes

@ratrat - In Summary - you might say - I found a company who made some for me.

Not - IMO - the same as saying that they are available.

As @Thegreatroberto says - he has never seen any.

I found some NA328 Variable boards quite easily, on eBay UK - and even a set of NA528’s. So those are available.

What would I pay…? I will agree with @Thegreatroberto - maybe between £10 and £30. No more. Really only useful - IMO - for the early 72, which can take 2 sets of cards.

YMMV, as its the Interwbz…

Hi @IanRobertM

Great you suggesting a value, which keeps the thread on track and helps the OP.

For your other comments, I’m actually implying two separate things…
Yes, I did find a company - a PCB supplier - that made modern alternatives, specifically for my Project Olive. (I checked with RD that I could mention this before posting). It’s in that post I wrote about my experiences. It’s a simple PCB, with just tracks and no active components. So no more or less than link wires, in that simple regard. They didn’t cost much really, around the same numbers (per pair) being suggested in this thread.
Yes, an alternate version is available out there. At least two that I know about. Which is a fact. Any more detail doesn’t help the OP. For my part, I avoided this approach and made my own, to ensure my refurbishment project stayed as true to original as possible.

I’m only replying because of continuing questions or comments (on my experiences). The OP is about the value of those NA326 link boards. So, values - for maybe an alternative - is perhaps helpful to the OP.

Best wishes

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@ratrat - The key point I think is that (original, made by Naim) 326 and 526 boards are - probably - the rarest of these daughter boards.

Almost any other variant - 322, 323 S/K/E, 328 - or 522, 523 S/K/E, 528 (*) - can be ‘found’ on the usual websites. I personally own 322, 323 E, 522 and 523 E (converted from S **). I have also owned but sold on, both 323 K and 328 boards.

(* - I was surprised to find a set of 528’s listed on eBay UK, boxed, from an eBay HiFi/Audio Seller. If you are looking for these…… )

(** - its possible to convert between S/K/E variants, of the 323 and 523 - mine were done quite reasonably, by Class A.)

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All good to know and helps anyone researching / thinking about these issues :+1:

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I was quite surprised to learn that 528’s existed, let alone that a set were for sale, too. The Seller may need to wait awhile before they sell, I think… :thinking:

The ability to covert between S/K/E is something I learned about on here. Along with the ‘trick’ of using E boards for high output MC carts, such as the DV 10X. Thats why I have 2 sets of E boards…!!

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I have just paid 40.00 pounds UK equivalent for a new set of 326 boards from the USA, including delivery but excluding import taxes. As said it is pricey for what can be achieved with a pair of link wires, but what price correctness and originality.



And well done if you’ve been able to find originals.
Do share a photo, when you can. It’s all interesting.


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Seems quite reasonable… specially as they are rare as… :chicken:'s teeth…

We often used head-shell leads to make the necessary connections.


Yes, but you knew what you were doing (I hope!), or could turn to people in the Factory for help. I suspect that most Forum Members don’t dare play around with the internals for fear of causing serious damage to the equipment.

Link wires are pretty straight forward.

In any case, a Naim dealer, or maybe someone like Darran at Class A, will readily make a pair for customers. He did some for me, last year. It’s takes minutes to do.

Being OCD perfectionist, couldn’t resist and went on a journey searching for the original boards. Yes, they are “rare as hens teeth”. So, found another solution, near perfect.

Part of the fun of using and enjoying older pieces of hifi is problem solving and obtaining original replacements, when the need arises.

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