NA CDX jumps to the end

I have a Naim NA CDX with the original Philips VAM 1405 drive. The sound is beyond stunning, but lately the dowager is frequently starting to jump to the end of the discs all on its own. This usually occurs in track one or two.

It this likely a problem with the drive? (Please say no.) Or could it be a board? If it’s a board, are they easier to find from subsequent models? 1405s are unobtainable, and the cheap Chinese knockoffs have one ribbon connector whereas the original has two… That tells me something.

As far as I know, a dowager is a widow who is still in residence in her deceased husband’s property.
I doubt that you have one in your home!


@NeilS may be able to advise…

(My guess is the drive, sadly… :cry: )

Yes, much more likely to be the transport (it’s a VAM1205). You are correct in thinking that you need one with two ribbons, as the platter motor is a hall effect one rather than DC drive.
We still have some parts for these transports, but stocks of the laser assembly are dangerously low, so prepare for the possibility of disappointment if you wish to proceed with a Naim repair! Act fast :smile:


Thanks. You taught me something.

I am interested. Thank you! What are you thinking? I live in the US, btw.

Graham 55, I could have said “the old girl” but that’s ageist, sexist, and a paradox. So I can’t say it.

I was just suggesting that if you wish to persue a repair at Naim HQ, you will need to act fast, as by the time we receive it, the remaining parts may have been exhausted.