Nac 112 and Flatcap 2X with Non- Naim amp

I have a Nac 112 preamp and Flatcap 2X and am waiting for a Nap 150 or 180 to complete a second system. Can I utilize another non- Naim amp temporarily? If so, what is the best way to connect it ? Finding a suitable Nap is proving more difficult than expected and I am curious to listen in the interim.


A non-Naim power amp should be fine. You’ll probably be looking at something with RCA inputs, so a DIN4 to RCA lead is what you’ll need to connect from the Flatcap output.


Thanks Chris SU. I have a couple amps but was unsure if it would be worth trying them. Naim amplifiers have become scarce on the used market for some reason.

There are plenty of used Naim amps on the UK market, but I guess they will be harder to find elsewhere. Not sure if US Naim dealers take old gear in trade-in deals like they do in the UK. Maybe worth a phonecall or two.

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