NAC-152XS & NAP-155XS + Phono question

Hello - I an new to Naim / new to the forum. I recently acquired a NAC-152XS & NAP-155XS combo second hand and I could not be more pleased. I want to add a phono stage and am looking at the Stageline. My newbie question is this - can I power the Stageline from my pre as is or will I require another power supply? More power is a part of my future plans, but I’d prefer to add one component at a time. Thanks much!

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Yes, you can power the Stageline from the 152. Just connect it using a SNAIC5 to the Aux2 in and pwr connector.


Choose the version based on which cartridge you will use. The N is good for high output moving magnets, the E for EMTs and others near 1mV, the S for most low output MCs and the K was aimed at Linn cartridges with a similar output, it has a bit less capacitance and a bit more resistive loading the the S so will be very slightly brighter sounding, which my be good or bad depending.



Naim’s Stageline comes with a Snaic5 btw. You will be good to go!



Thanks all - I just ordered one! I appreciate the help. Now onto researching a better DAC than what is in my Bluesound…Fun!


He is waiting for you


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