NAC 202 + Hicap (No NAPSC acquired yet) feeding Non-Naim Power Amp

The output from the 202 is fed back through the cable powering it from the Hicap - so to listen to it you connect the poweramp to the Hicap, not the 202 itself.

I’d use one of the in/out sockets (Tape, AV, Aux 1) on the 202 and get a DIN5 to stereo 3.5mm cable made up. This way, the output level is not volume controlled by the 202 (you’ll use the Muso for that) and you can just mute the 202 to kill the output to the main speakers.

The connection details are as per the pin out diagram on the back of the 202. You’ll need the 3.5mm plug wired to the ch1 out, ch2 out and -ve pins.

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Cheers James … you’re a gem.
Actually, with the way I have it coming out of the Creek pre-amp now - having the output variable with the volume on the main speakers can be handy … as sometimes play all the speakers, with muso volume set a little less than full to achieve a good balance … and the muso volume increases & quietens with the KEFs (purists would shudder, no doubt !) In that case, Standard out presumably (?) … but would I lose SQ compared to tape/av/aux out as you suggested ?
Many thanks again.

@james_n is a great contributor indeed.

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You could do this using socket 2 on the Hicap (3 is connected to the Creek) with a DIN4 to 3.5mm cable. I’m assuming you are only needing a couple of metres of cable between the main system and Muso ?

I’d still use one of the designated outputs (Aux 1 etc) but no harm in trying what you suggest to see what works best for you.

Thank you James. Cable needed is 5m (muso under telly between main/front floor-standers - hifi to the side of the room, along with sides/stand-mounts. Already have fairly good 2 x RCA to 3.5mm plug cable I’m using - which is why I was considering the DIN - 2 x RCA socket(female) short adaptor cable. [10cm ‘4-pin DIN - FEMALE RCA’ Gotham GAC-1 interconnect for Naim] … I’ll try to post pic, if can figure out how ! Presumably no worries about wrong connections with DIN4 - RCA. It’s with the 5 pin plug wiring that you can go wrong, I suppose. Looking at some diagrams online, Im thinking that channel 1 out is left channel, channel 2 out, right channel and -ve at the bottom middle goes to the shared/common/ground (?) with corresponding connections to the 3.5mm plug - left channel at the tip (ch 1), right channel in the middle and the negative attached to the wide-spaced area near the sleeve & the wiring terminals on the 3.5mm plug (?). Better though, perhaps - just look for a DIN5 OUTPUT plug to 2 x RCA female socket adaptor, perhaps (if indeed I’d be able to find as such [… and a decent one !] ). My soldering’s not what it was - probably be foolish to try putting one together myself.
Sorry if this is all too long-winded. Let me know if I’m becoming a nuisance !
PS. Also attached (hopefully), a photo of the output/upgrade sockets on the 202 (from eBay ad -

equipment due to arrive tomorrow). The resin inner of the Upgrade/Link2 socket looks very badly gouged/degraded (pic, again - hopefully attached) … presumably, I would hope, the metallic contacts inside are intact and functioning fine. Wondering what you thought.
Many thanks again.
All the very best,

PS. Is it ok to post screenshots from eBay etc ? Tried to determine if it might be, without success.

This is the DIN4 - 2 x RCA cable I got to connect the NAC202 (via HiCap socket 3, as recommended) to my power amp line input. Hoping it’s suitable & of reasonably quality. The reviews are good. (?)

Hear, hear !

As you need a 5m length, I’d again suggest driving the Muso from one of the in/out sockets rather than using the preamp out (via the Hicap) as the 202 may not be happy driving that length of cable. I’d get the Creek connected up first and see how that goes, and then look at the Muso connection once you’re happy :slightly_smiling_face:

The small adapter cable looks fine. The Lynx cable says Quad, which uses a slightly different way of wiring the DIN connector to Naim. I’d suggest looking at someone like Designacable who can make up what you want.

Yes, that’s it.

The DIN socket you show should be fine. They are self cleaning so just plug and unplug a few times (with the power off) when connecting up.

Got that. Many thanks, much appreciated … will return the Lynx cable if proves to be problematic.
I’ll try messaging them with the query (if it hasn’t already been dispatched)
Regards, Simon.

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The Lynx cable says Quad, which uses a slightly different way of wiring the DIN connector to Naim. I’d suggest looking at someone like Designacable who can make up what you want.

Have contacted Custom Lynx re. the DIN4 to 2x RCA phono plug cable (photo above) …
Wiring details as follows :- (cable ordered & ready to be made up)

4 Pin Din -
Pin 2: Ground
Pin 3: Red
Pin 1: White

Does this look acceptable for HiCap Socket 3 (from NAC202) to my power-amp input(s) ?
Many thanks.
Sorry for the runaround.

That sounds like QUAD spec din wiring.

I’d send them this picture which shows the pin out of socket 3 - ch1 left (white), ch2 right (red) so they wire it as per the Naim spec.

Thank you James, will do.

Sorted !
My initial email replied to by Ryan Patman (owner of Custom Lynx) … and subsequent ones too.
Real quick response. Said they’ll be made up as required today and sent out tomorrow.
Good reviews, (Trustpilot, 4.5) Seems you need to tell them exactly what you want though. Then again, the name IS ‘Custom’ Lynx !
Thanks again for all help.

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Good news. Let us know how it goes🤞

Will do James. eBay vendor (Senso Systems in Truro) responded to my remote inquiry by saying they’ve got an old one they’re prepared to send gratis … so going swimmingly, so far. Fingers crossed, indeed !

Sounds good !!
Gain a lot higher than the Pre-amp in my Creek 100A.
Looking forward to getting a NAPSC to further improve the SQ. Seen them on eBay for £120 or so … older models perhaps - look a little bit different than the current (new) ones … a tad more slimline, perhaps (?). Would the older ones be much of a much-ness … or is there anything, in particular, that I’ll need to be aware of / take into consideration.
So far, the only inputs I’m getting to work are … analogue out from my CD player via RCA input on the NAC (labelled as such, [CD]) … and from my ND5 XS2, using the DIN to DIN cable that came with the streamer (into tape/av/aux 1 on the 202). Can’t seem to get the other RCA input on the NAC (Aux 2) to work. Any thoughts as to why not ?
After just an hour or so’s warm-up of the NAC , the analogue output from my Sony CDP-X5000 already sounding much better … or so it would seem.
My Chord Qutest about to arrive from Peter Tyson via DPD. Any thoughts ?
Very happy.
Many, many thanks !
All the very best,