NAC 202 mute led blinking

I don’t know where you are located, but at Tom Tom Audio in UK (tomtomaudio dot co dot uk) they have them in stock in the online shop under Home > Naim Parts > Link Plugs:
“Link Plug, Round, 5-Way, Pre-amp”, part number 04-001-0017, Price: £7.93
(Can’t link because of forum rules)

Dont ship to europe

Well I did say that I don’t know where you are located, the info is not in your forum profile. Anyway, any Naim dealer near you should be able to supply, just call them

Edited 18 Jan: Within the context of your set containing a NAP200DR, I think you are in for a very pleasant surprise in running the system without a Flatcap. This is because your preamp will now be driven by the internal power supply from the NAP200DR which contains the discrete regulator specifically for the purpose.

Enjoy your music.

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There’s some on eBay and they post worldwide.

I tried a FC with my 200/202, but in the end removing the FC gave better SQ, I cannot remember the differences, it was a couple of years ago. If you look at the Naim upgrade paths, using a FC with a 202 is not shown, don’t ask me why?

A must, quite inexpensive upgrade is the NAPSC, you will certainly hear some there, and of course the HiCap. eBay is a good source if you cannot afford new, or a used one from one of the many Naim dealers.

If you are happy with the sound you have, don’t upgrade because you’ll just want more, it is like a drug, the more you hear, the more you want.

cannot do link
click estore on the menu bar
then click Naim on the left hand bar
I think you should find one there
There are other dealers avaliable

Don’t ship to Europe

Osbourne, just call a Naim dealer nearby, they are more than happy to help you.

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It is an appropriate upgrade according to this

The list simply gives the Flatcap as an option, just as it gives powering from the power amp as an option. Nowhere does it mention upgrades.

Ok but flatcap is really an upgrade for 202? I only used it like this

Indeed. The product page does mention upgrades:

And “Options” separately:

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Using a Flatcap is very little better, if any, than powering a 202 from a 200. In your case, with a 200DR, a Flatcap is almost certainly a downgrade. To get a proper upgrade over powering from a 200DR, you need a Hicap DR, but the improvement will be significantly less than what you’d get going from 200 to Hicap DR. In case you don’t realise, the DR power supply in the 200DR is specifically for powering a preamp and does not power the power amp itself.

As a slight aside it’s maybe worth mentioning that neither your turntable nor your streamer is really good enough to match with your excellent 202/200DR amplifier and your speakers. Should more funds become available, that’s where you should be looking, rather than at a better power supply for your preamp. Maybe you only need one pair or speakers and could redirect funds from the sale of one pair.

Sorry now i update my profile, was old🤪
My think: for now i sell flatcap and for the future i need hicap dr

I’m not sure. If it was me I’d be getting an NDX2 first, or a better turntable and phono stage if I played a lot of records. Anyway, it’s for another day

I fully agree with what @anon4489532 is saying: forget the power supply for now and focus on your sources!

Ok but i bought the ND5Xs2 four months ago and i’ m very heppy of the result. Vinile and cd for now is not on my priority

Since we’re taling about power supplies, you van add an XPS (DR) to your ND5XS2 :wink:

I didn’t think you could add a PSU to the ND5XS2.

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