NAC 202/NAP 200 + NAPSC vs Supernait 2?

I can get my hands on a 2nd hand NAC202/NAP200+NAPSC. I would like to hear some opinions about the SQ of that set vs a Supernait 2 set without PS.
Or should this set be compared to a NAIT XS2/3 instead of the Supernait?

A few people here have said that they prefer the Supernait to 202/200. Personally, I prefer the 202/200. However, there are quite a few of them around, and you should try to ensure that you get a good one, and if it’s in need of a service, this should be reflected in the price. If the seller is a Naim dealer you should be OK, otherwise you should ask the seller for the serial number. Then if you contact Naim, they can tell you the age of the amp, and any service history it has.

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The SN is a good choice if you wish to minimise box count and are not looking to go further up the Naim ladder. The 202/200 could be seen as the first rung on the upgrade ladder. You can then move up one box at a time as finances allow. Both require a high quality source to show what they are fully capable of so don’t forget to include that in your plans.

As to SQ, Naim have had this crossover point between the integrated amps and the pre/powers for some time and people vary as to which they prefer. FWIW I (just) preferred SN1 to 202/200, admittedly both with HiCap and, assuming the SN2 is better than the SN1 used purely as an amp, suspect my preference would extend to the SN2. But, as Chris’ post shows, others differ. The only way to find out for sure is to audition, but if that is not possible and subject to Chris’ caveats, be reassured that the 202/200 is an excellent set.


FWIW I think the 202/200DR is quite a lot better than the original Supernait. That said, I haven’t heard the Supernait 2.


To check the age via the serial number, check this page:

I found the supernait 2 has a different character to most other naim amps I’ve heard, warmer, powerful sounding.

My preference was for the 202/200 DR as I liked the additional detail and spaciousness and found the SN2 a bit full on after initial listening, but you may well prefer the sound character as many others do.

Definitely worth arranging a back to back demo and perhaps also include the xs2 or new xs3

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The 202/200 should be compared to Supernait, not the Nait XS. I find the Nait XS to be inferior in sound quality when compared to the 202/200 in my system. I haven’t heard the Supernait.

I think that’s a good summary of the difference between the two amps. I once compared a 202/200DR (no Hicap) with a SN2, and those were the differences that persuaded me that separates were the way to go.


Thanks for all the interesting comments.

Blockquote I found the supernait 2 has a different character to most other naim amps I’ve heard, warmer, powerful sounding.

I do like a full, powerful sound & big soundstage. I also really LOVE Naim’s PRAT. I heard the Atom and XS2 and I love the sound of both of them but if I had to nitpick the bass could be a bit fuller and the soundstage was not so big on both of them.

For the time being I am living in China and it is difficult to audition Naim here. Hopefully when I get back to the Netherlands I will have an opportunity to try them both. Not sure if I can wait that long haha.

In that case, it could be that you would prefer a Supernait (or even a Nova if you want a one-box streaming system) rather than a 202/200. Either that, or save some more cash and hold out for a 250. The problem is that you really need to match it with the more expensive 282, or maybe an older 82, and you will need a Hicap.

I moved to a 202/200 from SN2. It gives slightly more insight, it’s more revealing.

The downside is it let’s you see more of what you are missing…and up the ladder you might go.



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