NAC 202 + NAPSC feeding Non-Naim Power Amp

Quick question guys

Can one use the NAC202 with the NAPSC on it’s own (Feeding a non-Naim power amp?) or does one necessarily need a NAP-200 or another Naim power amp?

I’ve looked on the manual and they show the NAPSC as an upgrade not on its own.

It’s no problem to use a non-Naim power amp. You’ll probably need a new cable (DIN to RCA) but it’ll work fine.
The NAPSC is an optional upgrade for the 202, unlike the 282 which won’t work without it. You’ll need a Hicap to power the 202, though.

You’ll need something to power the 202. A Naim power amp like the 200 will do this, otherwise, you’ll need a Flatcap/ Hicap to power the 202 if you’re using a non Naim power amp. The NAPSC only powers the logic board and relays in the 202, so won’t power the whole 202 by itself.

THANK YOU Chris/James

So would I need TWO NAP SC at least, right? - Or is there a (single) external Naim power supply that 'll do the same job?

NAPSC is for powering the logic and control circuits - these can be quite noisy, so big advantages when separately powered. To power the analogue audio circuits of the NAC202 you need either a Naim amp with a pre-amp supply inside, or better still, a dedicated power supply such as the Hicap. So the ideal power supply arrangement on a NAC202 would be a NAPSC for the logic circuits and a Hicap for the analogue audio circuitry. You could the take signal from the audio pre-outs on the Hicap to any power amp, Naim, or otherwise.

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Thank you Richard for such a detailed response. Very much appreciated.

As Richard says, you need a Hicap. The NAPSC is just an optional extra, which does a different job.

Not really an optional extra then… If there’s no NAP around… one does need 2 external power supplies - Or did I get that wrong

You don’t absolutely need the NAPSC (fit the paddle link plug to the 202 if you aren’t using a NAPSC). But it’s well worth having because it gives a big upgrade for comparatively little outlay. Listen with and without the NAPSC and you may decide that you really do NEED one…

Ah! that sorts it… thank you once again Richard

Sorry Chris - I was being a bit thick (My sincere apologies)

No apology required! It’s a bit confusing until you’re familiar with how this works. Welcome to the world of the 4 box amplifier!

I think I’d leave the power supply out of sight and just have the 202 next to my ND5 XS and then from the 202 straight to my SCM19A … It’ll still give the illusion of a 2 box system…

The NAPSC has quite a long lead, so it’s usually possible to hide it on the floor somewhere.

I’m currently contemplating a NAPSC for my 202 - is there a noticeable advantage in having it on a Fraim shelf, or is the floor quite good enough? I ask because buying an extra level on the rack would significantly increase the outlay for such an upgrade.

I had a napsc for many years and it lived on a paperback book on the floor. No way is it worth the cost of a Fraim shelf. You should definitely get a napsc though. It makes the 202 so much more natural.

When I last had my NAPSC it lived on the floor under my brawn Fraim base.

Mine’s on the floor too, well hidden. I’d say it makes a really nice difference to the top end with the 202.

Mine’s on the floor behind the right hand speaker. Always feels a bit disingenuous of Naim to claim it’s non-essential to a 202. It really isn’t.

I think the idea was to make the entry into the NAC202 as affordable as possible. It also gave you the opportunity to do the NAPSC demo, with the normal result that any doubts that may have lingered about separating supplies was truly dashed, and so would begin a better understanding of Naim’s engineering philosophy.