NAC 202 + NAPSC + HI-CAP vs NAC272

I’ll drop the idea as agreed with the possible regret !
Thx mate

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202+napsc+hicap+200 easily.

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Just reckon the bitter taste (re-sell price) of my last Nov bought NAC 272.

I would only consider getting the 202 if you plan to swap the 272 for a dedicated source. The 272 is a very good preamp and the 202 is little if any better. So you would be adding three boxes for little gain. Why not sell the Hicap and get an XPSDR for the 272? That should sound better than 272/202/Hicap.

I’ll be adding an XPS DR to a 272 this week so will let you know what it does for it.

Another vote here for staying on course for the 282.
I never had the ‘wow’ moments listening to my friend’s 202 that I instantly had with 282.
272 I’ve never heard.

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Hear you mate.
I have one (XPS) here powering my CDX2 for long. A little hesitate to swap it to power 272 as the old man (2002 built CDX2) may collapse at any time (recap required) !

CD players don’t usually need recapping or any servicing until something goes wrong. The obvious question arises though - as you now have a streamer, do you really need a CD player. Rationalising your system would let you assemble something really good.

I have a NAC202 (partnered with NAP200) but no NAPSC or HICAP. What’s the general advice for upgrading; add the separate PS or upgrade to NAC282?

Hi @Cluffy, welcome aboard!
Depends on a couple of factors I suppose - if you’re happy with the 202, adding a separate PS can only improve things. My friend was impressed by adding the NAPSC to his.
Then there’s cost. A 282 will be 2K+ used, but will IMHO significantly change your listening pleasure for the better.

Thanks for the reply steviebee. Been into hi-fi for more years than I can remember but haven’t touched my system in the last 10 years or so. The lockdown has afforded more listening sessions and the upgrade “bug” has returned! My thoughts were along the same lines - upgrade the pre-amp and maybe try some new speakers if I can get a good trade-in. Thanks for the advice.

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Oh dear, don’t pull my leg…ha ha ha
It’s human nature to follow the rules mate!

Will swap the XPS with 272 this Sat and report

282 - for a 2015 onward piece may easily ask for 3k

Will save the penny and move XPS to 272 then see !
You are right, a burgeoning demand is just because of the upgrade bugs !


Hi Cluffy, welcome.

Go straight for 282 with the 200. Great pairing.



Upgrade to 282 without doubt !

My case is a little complicated as I have a XPS to power CDX2 /272&200DR/ProAc D20R combo & Hi-cap to power my Nait XS 2 /10s in my room, the £700 for a 202/NAPSC is a tempted exercise

You’re probably right re the cost of used 282! Mine was older for 2.3K. Sounded great!

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Guess 10 year plus

2017 - list price + vat £4129 against current around 5 k

Think it was 2009… one previous owner, spotless.
I was chuffed.

Going to Ebay soon as I now have a 2019 252.
“Which is nice”

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Oh boy
My dream piece 252/300DR

You see, my problem is ‘impulse purchase ‘

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Will visit my local Hi-Fi shop once lockdown is eased. See if I can negotiate a reasonable trade-in for a 282 against my [oldish] 202. Can already feel my pockets getting lighter! Thanks to everyone for the advice - much appreciated.