NAC 202 pairing with Flatcap 2 and NAP 150

Hi folks,
My current setup is this: NAC 112, Flatcap 2, NAP 150, Stageline, Linn LP12, cassette deck, CD player (not Naim), headphone amp, DBX disc decoder, Martin-Logan speakers and powered subwoofer.

Last week I asked about replacing my NAC 112 with a 152XS, but found it didn’t have the several in/out inputs that I needed. I did find that the NAC 202 does have three that I need.

I have been told that the 202 is a significant upgrade from the 112, but the difference between the orientation of the back panels is daunting for a non-techie like me. I found what looks like a nice one that has been recently re-capped for a good price on Audiogon.

I have included two photos with a description of how I have things set up (albeit non-orthodox,
I imagine). Can someone please give me an idea of:

  1. whether the 202 is compatible with my setup and
  2. how I might similarly (and simply!) configure it to replace the 112. I know pretty much how to connect the inputs, just the subwoofer and the Flatcap connections, I suppose.


Ah, yes the NAC152xs cut down on the number of IN/OUT tape loops (from 3 to 1). You would need either a NAC122x or a NAC202, which both still have the three IN/OUTs (TAPE, AV, AUX1). Either can be powered by the Flatcap2. The NAC202 can be further upgraded with a NAPSC supply for the switching and logic controls - this keeps the analogue circuits cleanest. Just be sure it comes with the link plugs (paddle link and round 5 pin link) and of course the remote handset.

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Okay, thanks! Any idea how I can connect the subwoofer? Currently connected directly to the NAC 112 in one of the signal outs via what used to be called a Subline cable (I believe). Thanks!

You could continue to connect as you’re doing now - from one of the DIN4 signal pre-outs on the Flatcap. I assume by “Subline” you are referring to Naim’s own DIN4-2 x RCA Phono slugged Subwoofer cable?

Yes, correct. Thanks!