Nac 252 lights

Hi still new to the naim journey loving my system n sound but due to a little buzzing I had I naim teck came to the house n said it was the 252 it went away for a month n they found nothing wrong… Still have v low buzz but not enough to bug me now when I turn it on during the start up the lights or mute doesn’t flash… N the remote is very limited to what it controls any ideas thanx :thinking::roll_eyes:

Are you saying that when you switch it on, it’s not automatically muting and then coming out of mute?

When you say the remote is limited in what it controls, what does and doesn’t it control?

Either way, I would first check the Burndy and SNAIC 5 connection between 252 and Supercap. I would power down and then remake both connections, then power up again.

Then perhaps try a full reset to factory defaults;

To restore all programmable settings to the factory defaults press and hold the remote handset disp key while the preamplifier is in program mode. The preamplifier will exit from program mode following this operation.

Yep that’s correct Richard… Lights stay on… I’ll try that when I get home… I can select inputs but no volume and it’ll go right for balance but not left… Apart from that it’s all good n makes me wanna hear The Statement :grin:

OK, try the steps I’ve listed above. Check the volume and balance knobs to see that they can move freely with not too much resistance by hand

OK done that Richard… Volume and balance move freely done the reset… And now balance doesn’t move at all with the Remote… N the mute flashes when switching off… But still stays on during start up

Is it like this on all inputs? Just wondering whether you have AV Unity gain enabled on the particular input you’re trying to use. Otherwise I’m a bit stumped, maybe @NeilS has some further ideas…

Ha where would I find the unity gain Richard… As if I press the av button when nothing is on there’s no buzz I’m playing vinyl now and sounds good I reckon I can live with it… Again iv only had naim supernait 2 for a few months n then got this set up n loving it… Just new to me

I’m not 100% with you regarding the lights? The source mute button should remain lit solidly for a short period after switching on. A flashing source mute button indicates that there are power supply rails missing - this may well happen after switching off as the rails decay.

Have you checked the remote batteries? The volume & balance will be the first thing to be affected when the batteries are failing due to the long button presses.


Cool thanks Neil I’ll try that again with fresh batteries… I thought for sum reason the mute flashes during start up… Ahhh the joys of painkillers n bien new to naim… :grin:

Yes, definitely do definitely try new batteries in the remote. However, the mute issue has me stumped. Are you saying the mute button stays illuminated even though music is till coming through? Or flashes?

May be best just to leave the 252 switched on all the time as Naim recommend…

I normally do but I had it turned off while I was overseas for a month n hence the start up

Nup sorry Richard I had this thing in my head that the mute flashes while powering up… N then turns off… But it was staying on during power up Ni though it wasn’t correct n then the remote not working properly… But now it kinda makes sense after bien overseas n havin maybe flatter batteries… I’ll check tomorrow morning… :grin: Thanks everyone for steering me in the right direction

OK, let us know how it goes.

With your 252, there are two rows of buttons. The bottom row will (possibly / probably) not be of interest to you , and that mute may stay lit at all times.

Yep that’s cool I know that thanks

Nup isn’t the batteries… So everything works OK apart from the volume on the remote and the balance nudge… Ahwell… :grin: Thanx everyone for Ur help

Have you tried another Naim or RC5 remote?

Yep tried another narcom n it does the exact same functions… Strange

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