Nac 252 Volume Control

This topic was covered sometime last year regarding the lack of movement on the volume control on a Nac 252.Mine is no exception as it becomes quite loud at the 8.30 position.At present my system has just been set up using a 252,DR 250 and a supercap.Speaker are the Focal 936.I did wonder whether it is because I have 2 subwoofers lead connected to the amplifier end on my DR 250 using both yellow and red sub leads connected this would this affect the overall volume control on the 252.Both subwoofer leads are the Rel Bassline Blue(Naim) which is why I have connected directly to the back of the DR250.Again this topic was covered in an ealier thread.Any thoughts on this lack of volume control movement.

It’s just the way the volume control is, with most of the range on the left hand size. It’s a carry over from times when vinyl was the main source, which had a lower output and hence a bigger range of movement. The fact your speakers are very efficient only exacerbates the issue. The subs won’t make any difference.


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