Nac 252 volume too high

I bought a naim nac 252 preloved, sound is very fantastic but I have a big problem with volume, at 9 o clock the volume is too high, also for e example with mfsl cd. which are recorded very low, I have focal diablo utopia (89 db) and nap 250 dr, with my old 282 with the same supercap that I use with the 252 I didn’t have these problems.

With the volume knob at the lowest setting is that about 7 o’clock?

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Yes I removed volume knob to check and is aligned with pot at zero

This is pretty common, though a bit dependent on the recording if streaming.

I found that I didn’t have to turn the volume up as much with 252/300DR for it to fill the room. It sounded better, more in control etc at increased volume too, compared to 252/250DR so I’m happier anyway.

I do wonder perhaps if my 250DR wasn’t fully burned in, but the 300DR…hoo boy…

In my opinion is a defect, is not normal that at 9 o clock it seems to stay in a discoteque. Sound is welfare but too high, too much difference with 282

Could you not just turn it down to a comfortable level? :thinking:


What was the volume knob position with the 282?
What’s the room size and listening distance?
How many dB are we talking at 9 o’ clock (a rough measurement with a phone app will give us at least an idea)
When you dial it down from “too high” at 9 o’ clock, how far down do you go?

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A usable volume control range over just a very small part of the ‘dial’ is not user-friendly. It strikes me that what is needed is a gain control on the inputs - some amp manufacturers provide such a facility (e.g. my Radford integrated back in the 1980s): perhaps ot is something for Naim to consider implementing….


I just use the remote to adjust the volume, it’s easy to do and the Narcom 5 has a fine adjustment. I can’t see the volume knob from my listening position anyway so I don’t get hung up on it.

If 9 o’clock is to loud just turn it down. If the gas fire is burning my feet I turn the fire down!

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We talk about a room of 40 mq and at 9 o clock, i have misured 91 dba, at 8 o clock the volume is acceptable but high.

Thanks. Based on the values it doesn’t seem to be out of the ordinary. It is a similar size to my room, my speakers are a little less sensitive (86 dB), and on my phone I also measure about 85-90 dB at 9 o’ clock, with 252/300 and the line input. Personally I don’t find this too loud at 9.

I use anything between 8 and 10 o’ clock, depending. Nor would I say that 8 is “acceptable but high”, for me it’s low-ish without being much too low.

Based on the values being similar to mine I’d be inclined to say that you simply prefer a little less lower volume than I do, and that nothing is wrong with the equipment. However, your different experience with the 282 is strange. Did you use the same source(s) with the 282?

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Thanks to you, Same speakers, amplifier, cable and Source.

Weird. And the same volume that you have at 9 with the 252 was at which position with the 282?

With my 552/500 in huge room I never go past 9:00 using streamer ndx2/500ps
Mostly 7:30 volume or 8:00

Without knowing speaker sensitivity it’s meaningless


I thought speaker rating was 89db?
91 was a measurement I think.

I meant davidf’s

I know. Titan T88s are 91dB sensitivity. :slightly_smiling_face: