Nac 252 volume too high

This is all sounding like…


Same system, 9 O’clock is loud but does sound great!

Just added a recapped/serviced 252. Compared to the 282, I need to turn it up to 10:30 or higher on some sources/material. With the 282 I never turned it up past 9.

Also, the balance is even on the lowest volume. With the 282 you had to turn up the dial a bit.

the same experience here - 252 vs 282

This is a long thread and I haven’t read all of it. But my issue with Naim is that I often can’t play it as loud as I would like without it becoming harsh when played closer to live sound levels. So, Svetty, I’m wondering if that’s some of what’s being discussed here–not just where the volume knob is set.

No, I don’t think so. The gripe expressed in this thread relates to the limited usable rotation range of the volume control.

If you perceive the vibrancy and PRaT of Naim as harsh at more dynamic volume levels maybe you are better considering other brands?

One of the things I love about the 252 (coupled with the 300DR) is the ‘non-shoutyness’ at higher volume (10-11ish, say. I don’t need to go much higher).

It was this shouting I didn’t like with the 282/250DR. How much of the rotation in use had never bothered me, with either.


So you have is a very well sorted 252, Bravo!