NAC 272 for the future...

Design for the future…

pretty soon after the purchase I started to think about how streaming services could be used in the future. Since the integration of Amazon Music was not within reach, I simply connected my iPhone to the USB port.

I copied a song to it to play, then the NAC takes over the stream from any app, Amazon Music, Qobuz, etc. Maybe you have to press the play button on the 272 itself again. The streaming information is also transferred to the display of the 272.

And Amazon Ultra HD via iOS is really good. The apps are more modern than the manufacturer updates.

Volume control is omitted at this point (iphone) because a purely digital signal is output and the dac of the 272 uses it. I once compared Tidal on the iPhone via USB and in the streamer in the 272 itself. I have to say that I could not detect any difference.

This is also described in a test that can be downloaded from the website.

"Even better is that the design of the digital signal handling effectively makes the NAC-N272 ‘input
agnostic’ - it sounds the same whether you use the USB, S/PDIF or network streaming inputs. It also does a pretty good job when using Bluetooth. “

The converter does not care about the source, ethernet, usb, whether synchronous or asynchronous, makes no difference to me. I got used to it relatively quickly because I don’t use a remote control but control with NaimApp.

And last but not least I always had a full battery :-).

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