Nac 272 spdif out to an external dac

Hi guys,

Some info shared from you guys will be helpful.

Currently running a nac272 and Nap250dr.

Wanting to try a different Dac.

Tried setting up spdif(nac272) -> dac(denafrips ares) -> analog in (nac272)

Can’t seem to get this to work. Is it due to streamer limitations or is there something that I might have missed out.

Much appreciated with any help


You cannot output and input into 272 at the same time

Sorry, it won’t work, as HiFiman says. If you want a separate DAC in a Naim system, you need a full separates setup, as once you use the digital output, you cannot route the signal back into the analogue side of the same box. This applies to any of the all-in-one boxes.
Some DACs have a digital volume control or preamp built in, in which case it may be possible to use it straight into the power amp, but in Naim systems that doesn’t always sound that great, and most of the 272 then becomes redundant.

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