Nac 272 + xps dr

Hi, I have just added an xps dr to my nac 272 and i have lost a lot of bass that was produced by the nac 272. The soundstage is more open and there is more separation between instruments. Has anyone else experienced this?
Nac 272 running into a Bryston 4bsst2 and PMC twenty 26s

You need to let it run in for a while for sure - for me it was a very worthwhile upgrade.

I have the xps dr running for over 4 weeks now and it has been switched all this time. Could it be the Burndy cable not relaxed enough?

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It could well be. Also, what are they placed on? Hopefully not one right on top of the other.

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If possible, post a photo of your system.

No they are on separate shelves on an Atacama Rack. If it is the cable how do you relax it, I have read than you need to shake it. If you do indeed need to do this. How many times are you supposed to do this?

Standing up, take the connector ends in each hand with the cable looped between. Orientate the plugs so their fat locator lugs are uppermost. Twist your wrists while gently swaying the cable. There should be a little bit of movement between the connector plug and the cable. After 5-10 minutes you should find that the plugs can keep their orientation without wanting to twist or turn one way or the other, and the cable should not be putting any twisting force on them and should be nicely U shaped. Then offer up the plugs and cable to the NAC-N272 and XPS. With the plugs already orientated with the lugs in the right place they should just slide onto the sockets easily. Then do up the locking collars.

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I doubt that a less-than-perfect burndy installation would be responsible for losing “a lot of” bass


Yup, I suspect something else is amiss. An XPS should improve SQ from the get go.

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Have you put the SXPS label side of the cable into the 272? Label into source.

I would expect from experience with the XPS2 DR / NDX2 that the bass would be tighter so perhaps that is giving the impression that their is less of it. Are you using a Powerline? If so maybe worth a check that it is properly seated in the socket.

Our experience adding PSU was bass on 272 with XPSDR is faster/tighter (however you want to describe it). There certainly isn’t a “lot less” bass but the overall sound changes to allow focus on midrange and treble detail. However a strong bass should still be there.

We have loads of electronic/dance music (various genres) digitised and on vinyl - if bass was an issue we would have moved away from 272/XPSDR a long time ago!!!

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As I remember it adding an XPSDR to a 272 the naked 272 is warmer and muddier. Less refined. Adding the XPS tightens everything up. More attack. More definition. I’m sure some will find this being loosing some bass but I never for a second found the naked 272 better than with an added power supply.

An update on my findings. I do think that the Burndy cable was stressed. I removed the cable and relaxed by shaking it. I then made sure that there was no stress on the cable as I inserted it at both ends. Powered back on and the bass is back albeit as was mentioned earlier (not muddier). I am a lot happier now. Thanks for the help, maybe it was a bit of both running in and desressing the Burndy.


Welcome to the board and enjoy your nice system. One thing that wasn’t mentioned, if your XPS-DR is new it does that about a month to sound outstanding (but it does sound great from the get-go IMHO)

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