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Hi Guys just chasing some wisdom regarding my boat anchor. Obviously considering Naim does not support my beloved preamp and I’m not interested in another cash splash on updating to the New Classic series.
My question is what app can you use to stream the multiverse of songs on Spotify and Apple Lossless. Maybe eventually going down Tidal etc. And what device is reasonable sounding so I can still stay in the Naim realm as I like to use the Nac 272 for cd and vinyl one day.

My thoughts wait for the Audiolab 9000N, and run it digitally through the coax of the Nac 272.

Thoughts would be much appreciated


Did you know that you can use your 272 for Spotify and Tidal if you want to? You may need to update the firmware. What version are you running at the moment? The current firmware is 4.8.00

Thanks David,

So what App are using to connect to Spotify,as Naim does not support their own App which I loved. The firmware is Current.

You use the normal Naim app. Go to the Naim section and then tap “Use existing device”. It will find your 272. There is no new device setup required in the app for legacy streamers. Your phone must be on the same network as the 272.

I have a 272, so I’m not guessing this!

Spotify Connect is supported by your 272 so controlling it from within the Spotify app should work.
Tidal is a bit different, and is controlled from within the Naim app.
For Apple Music/iTunes you need to connect your iOS decice to the streamer USB port.

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Further to what Chris says, for Apple Music you can also plug a USB DAC like Audioquest Dragonfly Red into your iphone/iPad and then connect that to the 272 using an analogue 3.5 mm lead.

or use a node 2i. I use the native Tidal functionality in the Naim app when in want to try before I buy Vinyl (My preferred media format) as it’s very, very good. However when I am working at the PC etc, I prefer to use my Node 2i (using Tidal, Amazon’s etc) which is connected digitally to the 272 and hence uses its DAC. This is not audibly as good (But it is good)as the Naim implementation but wins hands down in ease of use, flexibility and functionality.

For the obvious reason I will be looking to replace the 272 and the node 2i with a 222 when I can get a home demo in my system and also assure my self that the functionality is now available in the new box to match. I have not seen much said about functionality on this forum or others so far.

I remain sceptical of others saying you can match the in box audio quality of the 272 with any combination of external boxes and I have tried a few.

Node 2i has to be the simplest, most function Rich balance between quality and cost.
My system details are in my profile. I do recommend the RCA connection rather than the optical and good mechanical isolation of components.

I’d consider installing bubblesoft on a nas or Raspberry Pi and stream Qobuz or Tidal for better SQ. You can use Linn Kazoo app to control and the SQ is sublime. A little setup effort is required but works without a hitch once you do it.

Spotify Connect to Naim it the ticket. I use it with 172 and NDX-FM, separately.

hi everyone can you guys tell me how to listen to tidal on 272? i can get tidal to my laptop, but cant find device, device being the naim 272. spotify is automatic works fine with naim 272 from laptop.

You will find Tidal in the Naim app, in the settings part, like radio, usb……

As FR says.

You have to go into Input settings in the app and turn the Tidal input on. Then you select the Tidal input which now shows on the 272 home page in the App.

Also your 272 should be on 4.8 firmware for Tidal to work properly.

I think your problem is that Naim’s 1st gen streamers don’t support Tidal Connect, which I’m guessing is what you would be trying to use to stream to your 272. As already suggested, use the Naim app on an iOS device and it should work.

David I am a little confused, until two months ago I had listened to Tidal on my new 272 without performing the firmware update to 4.8, system worked flawlessly. Now I have 4.8 the streamer disconnects from Tidal repeatedly. Other owners of the 272 I know are not performing the update out of fear of similar issues and report no connectivity issues. Are you saying that without firmware update Tidal won’t work properly? Does this mean a factory reset of the 272 is not an option for me? Many thanks.

Tidal have updated their servers which is why the firmware update is needed for the 272.

As Guinnless says.

You can try a factory reset if you want, but it won’t change the firmware back from 4.8.

You can install older firmware on the 272 (unlike on the newer Unitis and new platform streamers). But it really shouldn’t be necessary and 4.8 was partly to fix problems introduced by Tidal when they changed their API.

If you have connectivity issues then that is all down to your network. Are you trying to run the 272 on WiFi? If so then then try an Ethernet cable. The WiFi on the 272 is a known weak point and rarely works satisfactorily.

I did the update and TIDAL works just as before!


After the update to 4.8, you may need to log out of Tidal via the Naim App and then re-login again. I had connectivity issues a few days after the 4.8 update. After thinking about the Tidal server changes, I thought it might be an idea to log out and log back in again and I haven’t had any connection issues since.

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Thank you David and everyone for your input, was not aware there was a “Settings” function on the Naim app to update TIDAL. I have logged out and logged back TIDAL via iPhone, if the system doesn’t disconnect tonight I shall a drink a toast to all of your good health.


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