NAC 282 biamp to (2) NAP 300 DRs via SuperCap DR

I just received my special cables that go from SuperCap Din, split into (2) 3 pin inputs that go into (2) NAP 300 DRs. Each cable is labeled L/R and Ch1/2. I connected the Ch1 R to 1st 300, Ch2 R to second (in R side), and did same with 2nd cable for L as described above.

Currently I am getting all High/Mid Freq out of my R Maestro and Lows out of right. I have tried switching things around and have not had success.

Do I need to program my system via 282 or 300 that I want biamp or should these special cables just sort all that out? My suspicion is I need to do something with 282, but manual and searches are not yielding results.

I appreciate any help that can be shared!

Not exactly your situation, but maybe this could be of any help! Don’t use a 300DR myself, but maybe combine these pics?

Thanks, I have scoured the Connection guide and have seen these, in my case I have these special cables. I think I have them connected accurately. I think I have to program my 282, but am not finding anything helpful (yet).

You don’t need to do anything to your 282. What you need to do is step back and check your split cables work as they should. I’m assuming you want to use one amp per speaker so each cable should take a single DIN4 connection from the Supercap and connect to 2x XLR plugs for the CH1 & 2 inputs on the 300.

To start with try a single stereo amp setup. Just use one 300 and put the links back in on the Focals. Use one of the split cables and connect it between Supercap and the 300 - do both channels work ? If so, do the same with the other cable.

I guess OP wants bi-amping,one 300 for bass of both speakers and one for mid/high of both speakers. Try using 1 special cable for each amp. So not split 1 cable across 2 amps but use it for L and R of 1 amp. Think that’s where the problem is.

Surely you can’t do that without active crossover and compatible speakers? Bi amping could only be one amp for left and the other for right when using speakers with internal crossover? Or am I missing something? I’ve only used either single amp or full active.

Indeed Merk - The Focals the OP has listed in his profile, can split the bass and mid/treble sections on the crossover by removing links between them so they can be bi-amped with two stereo amps.

Ah! Thanks

That was it! Thank you! The dual red on 1 and dual black on the other threw me!

Now I need to figure out my av bypass setup from Denon x8500h, it won’t let my amp assign just the front speakers via pre out.

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