Nac 282 connectivity

Hi,I,m sure this has been done to death on many occassions.Here goes,have recently acquired a nac 282 and a nap 250DR.This to go alongside my existing Naim goodies being a Stageline and a Headline.Only thing missing is a genuine naim psu.Not sure if I can mention that I have a third party non naim psu.Should I stick with this or do I spend another stash of money on a naim supercap?? What are the forums thoughts on this.

I have the same kit and was very pleased with a secondhand SC I added several years ago. I previously had a Hicap that hummed like mad, while the SC is much quieter. There is a modest improvement in sound quality, greater solidity and better separation.

Neither of the above. IMO… (YMMV)

Just get a HiCap (mine do not hum).

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I bought a new SuperCap DR recently with Naim offering a 20% discount and the dealer adding an additional discount. It looks like they are trying to clear existing Classic gear and the price was just to good to let it pass by. So traded in the HiCapDR and a couple of other pieces of gear I was not using and came home with the SC DR. Definitely worth the money for and you should see if you can get a demo from your local dealer.


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