NAC 282 Flashing Mute

Looking for advice and confirmation of next steps. I have a 2014 NAC 282 that I am looking to sell after an upgrade to 252. I have used with a Hicap and it has worked perfectly, but I am selling the components separately and when I tested the 282 without the hicap the mute button will not stop flashing. I assume my next step would be to take it in for service, which given its 10 years old it probably needs anyways? Appreciate any advice or confirmation that service is the next logical step.

Have you refitted all the link plugs?

Remember the NAPSC is part of the NAC282 and should go with it.

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Has the 282 lost its ps with the hicap removed, pretty sure if I turn my hicap off my 282 does the same but I could be mistaken.

You’re not mistaken. Mute flashes when the main power supply is not connected and the only juice it’s getting is from the NAPSC.

I have replaced the link plug and the NAPSC is connected and the light is green. The 282 should work without the hicap using the internal power supply and the NAPSC.

Everything works fine with the link plug removed and the hicap connected. I think there must be an issue with the 282 internal power supply?


The NAC 282 does not have an internal power supply. The NAPSC powers some micro processor control items and the like, but an external power supply is required to run the pre amp circuit. Either a power amp with extra power rails, a Hicap or Supercap.

Here’s the internals of mine.

Hope this helps


EDIT - as @Richard.Dane says, the NAPSC is part of the 282 package - sold and bought together. It is the buyers choice how they power the pre amp circuit.

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Or - power via a DIN4 connection from a NAP below 250 level…

Appropriate Link Plugs are required.

NAC282 or NAC82 - tricky but worth it…

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Thank you @IanRobertM, that’s what I meant by power amp with extra power rail. But couldn’t remember what power amps offered power-out.



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All NAP’s below the 250 have a DIN4 pin input socket, with a single +24V DC rail to power a NAC.

NAP120, NAP160, NAP110, NAP140, NAP180, NAP200, NAP90 and more.

Whereas the following have XLR 3 pin input sockets with no +24V DC supply -

NAP250, NAP135, NAP300, NAP500.

The NAC282 and NAC82 are the only NAC’s which need a NAPSC to work. A NAC202 or NAC102 can use a NAPSC but wuill work without one. A NAC252 or NAC52 do not need a NAPSC, as they get a supply from the Supercap for their switching/logic circuits.


Have you replaced both link plugs?

This is for when there’s no dedicated PSU powering the analog/audio side of the NAC282, which is powered from the single rail supply from a suitable power amp (NAP200, 150 etc…)

In the above image taken from the user manual you can see on the right hand side the two link plugs (paddle link and 5 pin link).


Ok thanks for clarifying the 282 does not have an internal power source, I didn’t realize all power is drawn from the napsc and the Nap 250. The mute flashing occurs when:

  1. NapSC is connected to the 282

  2. the link plug is inserted in the appropriate slot, and

3)the 282 is connected to the NAP 250.

If I remove the link plug and add a hicap or a flat cap the flashing stops and the unit is fully operational.

Which is correct. It sounds like the 282 is fine and just indicating the lack of external PSU (when not using the Flat / Hicap ) by flashing the mute button.

The 250 doesn’t have an internal preamp supply so connecting that to the 282 will still result in the mute button flashing.

No. The 250 should connect to the HiCap.


There needs to be a Link Plug in place, if just one HiCap is used. Thinks its called Link 2…? Its the paddle shaped one.

Sorry the 282 is connected to the hicap and the hicap is connected to the nap 250. Everything works fine in that configuration.
The flashing starts and I can’t play from my source when the hicap is removed from the mix and I link directly from the 282 to the Nap 250.

Yes both link plugs are inserted.

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Which is correct.

Because you have no external PSU and the 250 doesn’t have a built in pre-amp supply.

Your 282 is fine. Go ahead and sell it and enjoy your 252 :+1:

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Then all is fine, it’s just warning you that there’s no power supply for the analogue audio section - perfectly normal.

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