NAC 282/HiCap Subwoofer Connection

Been reading up on the posts about connecting a sub to a NAC 282 + HiCap.

The posts mention adding a 100R resistor to the cable - is this 100R resistor need on the both the ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ wires - so are two 100R resistors are needed or only a 100R resistor on the ‘positive’ wire going to the sub

What sub, and how are you connecting it? Using a low-level or high-level connection?

Using a B&W PV1D - was using with my Supernait 3 - was easy to connect to a phono connector - not that I have moved to a NAC 282, bit concerned about connecting to a simple 4pin DIN to Phono (female) cable thats easy to buy… tried looking for the NAIM sub cable, but it apears that these are not made any more… so was considering buying a 4 pin DIN to Phono cable and adding a R100 resistor - but was unsure if I need to add 1 or 2 resistors (live and return)

I wish I could help you, I and many others have asked about this to no avail… DesignACable said they could make one up if they knew the wiring, but I couldn’t tell them so I gave up :confused:

I believe it’s just the single resistor, as it’s always advised as ‘slugged with a 100R resistor’ rather than ‘slugged with a pair of resistors’. If in doubt, contact Naim support, as you don’t want to get it wrong.

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