NAC 282 Link Plugs

I’ve just acquired a second hand NAC 282 and want to know how many link plugs should it have out of the box?

I currently have 1 4 pin paddle type but that’s all. Some of the images I’ve seen of 282’s show more DIN sockets plugged.

I’ll be using it with a NAP 200 and the standard NAPSC.

Any help on this rather trivial subject would be much appreciated

If you want to use just the 200 as the source of power for the 282, you’ll need two link plugs - the paddle one and a standard round one. Both should come with the unit. It’s not trivial at all because without both plugs you’ll get no music.

Thanks @hungryhalibut for the very prompt reply.

That’s a bit of sad news because I was intending to get setup tonight but oh well…

I assume round link plugs are easily acquired?

I do also have Flatcap 2X that I was using to power a Headline. I don’t suppose that would help get me up and running?

As you have a Flatcap you’ll be fine. Look in the 282 manual for how to connect it up. I’m sure you are aware that the 282 really benefits from a Hicap DR. Maybe when finances recover…

@hungryhalibut my finances are already recovering from my last source upgrade.
I’ve also just realised that a link plug is probably a lot cheaper than the additional 5 pin SNAIC I’ll need to use the Flatcap and that the money would be better spent going towards a Hicap DR, which was next on my shopping list. So the the outcome is no listening tonight. :disappointed:

The Flatcap should come with a 5 pin Snaic in the box. With that and the 4 pin Snaic that comes with the 200, you should be good to go. You’ll just have to manage without the Headline for a bit.

@hungryhalibut your Naim knowledge/experience is first class. I am humbled…
After a quick trip to the loft to retrieve the Flatcap box I now have a 5 pin SNAIC. So listening my well commence tonight thanks to all your help. :+1:t2:

If I may push my luck a bit further with one last question… Do I also need some kind of link plug for the Aux 2 in DIN socket, or is that just a cosmetic blanking plug?

It’s just a little cover to stop you sticking an unpowered thing in the powered socket. Just check for the connections in the 282 manual - think of the Flatcap as a hicap - and you are good to go. I’m pleased you found the Snaic, that’s £180 you don’t need to spend.

@hungryhalibut Regarding the SNAIC; me too.
Thanks again for all your help.

Is this the link plug? I have one and I no longer have a 282. I sold mine to the same person who bought my 250, so it sounds like I should send it on to him so he has it. He got the paddle link plug and the AUX2 blank plug, but not this one.

Yes, that’s the other link plug needed for the NAC282…

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Thanks for confirming. I’ll send it on to the buyer of my 282. He’s probably not even aware it’s a missing item.

If running with a NAP250 then they won’t be needing it, but it’s nice to have all the bits.

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Right, I sold it to him, so I just want to make it right, in case he sells it on to someone with a 200 that needs it.


Nice. Good call.

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