NAC 282 Output Sockets

I recently acquired a NAC 282 and 250 DR, I’m powering the 282 with 2 HiCaps and the 250DR is connected from the second HiCap, sounds wonderful.

Whilst studying the Connection Guide and Preamp Manual and trying to understand all the various connections, I see there is an unused ‘Standard’ output socket which is stated somewhere to be for power amplifiers with their own PSU. As all power amps should be connected via the NAC PSU to maintain the signal ground, the 282 will always need a PSU and HiCaps and SuperCaps both include an additional output socket that could be used for subs etc., I’m just wondering therefore what function the ‘Standard’ socket provides?

Not true. Sorry…

A 282 (or 82) can be powered from any NAP with a pre-amp power supply, such as a NAP200
(or 180, or 160, or 140, or 110, etc).

Its only the NAP 250 and above that cannot do this.

(so, my 250 needs a HiCap to power my 82 - whereas my 140 does not - but can do so)


There’s a pic with the 282/200 combo in the guide. The 200 can power the 282 itself, no hicap or supercap required.


Thanks @robert_h and @IanRobertM and yes, having used a 200 DR with 202 previously, I should have remembered that.

But what is the Standard socket on the 282 for?

For giving it power from a suitable poweramp like the 200, and sending out the preamp signal.

They tried to show it with that icon, green arrow +V = power in, black sine wave = preamp out.


Ah, ok, understood! Thanks.

It’s kind of a hangover from the older NAC82. Not really needed these days as most (if not all?) use a separate PS for the 282.

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You do not have to - if you have a suitable NAP, such as a 200… As already noted above… :thinking:

Useful, for those with smaller wallets… :expressionless:

Here is a pic of the back of an 82, to compare -

Equivalent socket is a bottom left - marked Supply from Power Amp.

Simples… :hamster:

(pic shows an 82 configured to run with one PSU - such as a HiCap - so the Link 2 plug is still fitted)

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