NAC 282 Slightly overwhelmed

I’ve just taken delivery of my new NAC282 replacing a NAIT XS2 which was on pre duty to my NAP200DR. I know it is very early (couple of hours in) and needs to bed in but I’m slightly overwhelmed (not in a good way) by the amount of detail it’s throwing around on many tracks everything seems very busy. Is this an experience shared by others and will it improve as it beds into the system or do I just need to adjust. I’ve got a SuperCap arriving midweek and I’m worried that’s only going to make matters worse.

That’s quite a big upgrade from XS2 to 282 and I find it can take a while to get used to all the extra detail you hear. It’s there in the recording, it’s just that your XS2 was letting less of it through.
I enjoyed my 282 powered by a 200DR although it was certainly better with a HicapDR. Unlike some, I found a Supercap to be different from a Hicap rather than clearly better, and didn’t bother. It was certainly more impressive on first listening, but I found the Hicap, which is the power supply the 282 was designed to use, easier to live with.

Is your system set up properly with a separate shelf for each box and cables properly dressed? This becomes critical as you climb the ladder.

Also bear in mind that your sources are really not up to Classic performance level. NDX2/XPSDR would be about right with your amp and it’s likely that the limitations of your current sources are being exposed.


Hi ChrisSU,
I imagine that the SuperCap will make things a lot better. How is your system powered at the moment pre SC?

Very revealing components generally take quite some time to bed in and for the sound to fully integrate, so can sound a bit ‘emphatic’ to begin with.

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I no longer have the 282 but when I did, my preferred PSU was a HicapDR.

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Thanks for the reply I’m currently running Upgrade one (one power cable) out of my FlatCap XS

I’m not sure if a Flatcap would be better than the supply from your 200DR. Maybe worth trying that instead?

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The 282 is a very musical preamp, not details centered at all, and with a SupercapDR it will shine.
I now it will, I had it for a home testing and I´m thinking of selling my HicapDR and buying one Supercap.
Maybe the problem is powered the 282 by the 200DR. I had 202-200 and went straigth away for 282+300DR, never considered 282+200.

You had a balanced system. ND5XS, rp3, nait xs, I suspect you’ve upset the balance.

For the 282, I’d go with Ndx2 + XPSDR - probably not what you want to hear.

Ndx2/SN3 would’ve been another balanced option.

The NAC282 is an excelleNt pairing with the 200 so no worries there. While I agree with the earlier comment that a better source will also help to balance out. An upgrade always needs to sink in a bit, give it some time.


Get a hicap and try it before doing anything else.

My move from a 122x to 282 was the single most impressive upgrade of my humble hi-fi journey. If it is sounding harsh and too detailed something is wrong.

Try running it without the flatcap and see how that sounds.

Can’t blame the 200DR as mine sounded beautiful with a 150x.

Are your B&W speakers to blame? Is there an odd cable or interconnect that might be also giving excess brightness?

I wasn’t happy until I got the NDS/555 PS DR when I had 282/250 DR with Hicap. Not saying you have to go that far, but a bare NDX didn’t suffice.

Definitely try it with the 200DR. The DR was specifically added to power the classic preamps and will work much better than the Flatcap.


I’d be doing a source upgrade first…:thinking:

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Agree that a source upgrade should come before a SC. Power the 282 from the 200, trade the FC against a source upgrade and cancel the SC.


maybe ask a dealer if you can demo the options mentioned here so that you don’t spend more money that may still not suit you. Rare though it may be there are some people who just don’t care for the change the 282 brings (i’ve seen proof on past topics here). If you try all the options then you’ll know definitely and can save up for whatever makes you happiest even if that means “downgrading” to either the sn3 or xs3 if it turns out you just prefer integrated amps.

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Are there two signal earths in your system? If the CD5si is connected to the pre, the ND ground switch should be set to floating.

Similar path taken here with 152 to 282. I know exactly what you mean about all the extra detail. I was simultaneously impressed and somewhat overwhelmed at first but it all fell into place and now sounds right to me.

Are your speakers toed-in or firing straight into the room? Might be worth experimenting with speaker position and toe-in.


After years of listening to a given system, we get so used to it that anything sounding “different” may sound “wrong”. Give it time (possibly plenty of time) and I think you’ll find it an improvement.


As others have said above, your sources are likely being exposed by your new 282, and personally I don’t think that’s something you’ll ever become used to or accept. A used NDAC would be a relatively inexpensive fix, and next move could be a PSU for that, PS555 if possible. Then you’ll be in a happier place. I’d do that before the SC if necessary, but if you can do both so much the better.