NAC 282: suggestions for phono amp

Glad to know you were happy with 282/200 combination as I am auditioning a 200 this week. It is not a dr but I want to do this step by step. And then sell the Supernait 3. Also I agree with upgrading sources so would get a DAC/ power supply for the CDX2 before a hi cap for the 282. We think alike my friend!

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In all fairness, I went at it from a slightly different route, as I started with a lovely Nait5 and a CDX2. I was saving up for a 202/200, but my dealer then had a 112x/200 as a trade in, which was very affordable then. I enjoyed that for many years, before going a bit bigger with an upgrade proper and front end with the 282 and XPS2DR. That last system I only replaced a couple of weeks ago die to the CDX2 spinning it’s last spin. I enjoyed it, again, for many years and it was fabulously musical. Due to the immediate add-ons of an nDAC and HiCap, and the swap of the 200 to a 250-2, it’s difficult to gauge what everything did exactly. All I know it’s a lot more grown up than what I’m used to. And, in all fairness, I may actually miss that bit of excitement, which in all honesty could very well be down the the CDX2, which is an amazing bit of kit on it’s own.

I still have the 112x and and 200, still. I offered it to some friends, but they’re currently only using a soundbar, but would like to extend back into a more musical system in the end. Challenge being, no loudspeakers and the inputs are all analogues. Since they stream a lot, getting a streaming box would be ideal, but not at ND5XS2 cost. I reckon it’ll be a cracking little system again when it’s up and running :slight_smile:

I am sorry your CDX2 is not working. I do not want to give you false hope but if you go through your dealer Naim might still be able to mend it.
In Oct 2022 they replaced my CDX 2’s transport assembly as it failed to read discs and kept jumping. While it was there I asked them to service it. About £300 for the repair, £250 for the service. Has sounded great ever since. Unfortunately there is no guarantee they can fix it so a bit of a gamble.


Thanks, but it was already checked and declared irreparable. Currently using a non-Naim transport into an nDAC, which does the job nicely!

It maybe repairable outside of Naim. They may have to use different parts to get it working. Someone can fix it. Try not to give up hope! Ask around on phone and see what they can do.

As Naim cannot fix it there is no issue talking about it here any longer. Otherwise it could be sold for parts only.

I think local specialists could get it up and running again using alternative CD transport assembly.


That’s absolutely correct. I recently repaired a Matsushita transport that went out of production in 2007. The lens was fine. Replacing 8 or so surface mount capacitors from the control board and a fresh dab of grease on the tracks did the trick. $20 parts from RadioShack Online and 3hrs of my time.

You’ve got nothing to lose.

I’ve had it looked at by some folks, but the transport is the issue and it’s the VAM1250 which hasn’t been available for quite some time. Sourcing one is not an easy task. There are a couple I could potentially look at though, which I might do at some point. No guarantee these will work, however, as they’re also old beasties.


Did they confirm the mech itself was non repairable? Or were they only thinking of dropping in a whole new VAM1250 or nothing?

The mechs actually have a variety of components inside. Some can be replaced like caps, and motors. Others can’t (or not easily) like lasers and servos.

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That I did not get confirmed. I know it was sent to Naim and also checked by the technician at my local audio dealer. Exact details of which part of the mech is not working is unclear to me.

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