NAC 282: suggestions for phono amp

Have just joined and have taken my first step ever in having separate pre and power amps.
I would like suggestions for a decent MM phone amp that would suit both my Thorens TD 1601 and Linn Sondek LP 12 from the 1980s. When I collect the preloved 282 later this week it will have to go through the power amp section of my Supernait 3 until I can obtain either a Naim NAP 200 or 250 when sufficient funds are available. Then, if I like the 282 with my setup, I will sell the Supernait. Otherwise will sell the 282! My speakers are Spendor A7s and the listening room about 16 x 12 feet.

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How will you power your 282…?

With a 200, that can power it. With a 250, you must have a PS, like a Hicap.

Decent Phono amp - Naim Stageline.

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Welcome to the Naim upgrade society. :grinning:

I think the 282 with the sn3 will sound very good. If you then want go upgrade I’d personally jump past the 200 and go straight to the 250. You will then of course also need a power supply for the 282, such as a hicap.

Meanwhile a mm phono for the 282. I’d look for something like a simple Project Phono box to try out the system. Not expensive on the pre owned market and if you decide to stick with mm and not go to mc later, the project would return its money pretty well and allow you to upgrade a mm stage to suit whichever cartridge you eventually end up with.


Yes, StageLine is an option I will consider.

Thank you for your welcome to The Upgrade Society.
I actually have a very basic Pro-jest phono box that is pretty awful. Need to spend £300 to £1000 or thereabouts to do a LP 12 justice. I have an Ortofon black cart

You do not ‘need’ to - its your free choice… :neutral_face:

A pre-loved Stageline - or a Rega Phono - might be all you need.


Fair enough. Look for and get a demo with a phono that can match the carts impedance specs. I have never run that cart so can’t say which would match well.

If you call Naim they will tell you which Stageline will match your cartridge.

Rather a naive question but why is it the 200 powers the 282 amplification(?) part but the 250 needs a hi cap? The napsc does the same job with both power amps (control circuits or something?) Are the pre amp and power amp thus powered seperately which allows both to perform better?

The NAPSC is required for a 282 regardless of how it is powered.
Naim’s higher end Classic power amps (250, 300) do not include a preamp power supply, so this has to be a separate Hicap or Supercap.
With the 200 its built in preamp power supply can be used, or you can still add a Hicap or Supercap as an optional upgrade.


Answered by Chris. The 282 needs its napsc to power parts of its operation. The other part needs a separate psu. The 200 has an output to do that, the 250 does not.

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Spot on.

Naim Normal.

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We use a Stageline N (MM) powered by a 252, great for occasional listening.

If Vinyl was our thing we’d upgrade to Superline.

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Please excuse my ignorance, but does an NAC282 not have a phono input?

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Nope. 282 no inbuilt phono stage.

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But the 82 has… or it can have… Like mine… :slightly_smiling_face:

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But the OP has bought a 282.

Options limited :frowning_face:

…which seems to be the opposite of progress!

I suppose there’s always the SN3 or 222 if one wants inbuilt phono.

282/Stageline at used prices seems a steal.

Even back when we bought our 252 the Stageline was around £200 used.

None of the classic series pre-amps have phono inputs. I consider that a good thing, because one doesn’t spend money on phono cards that might not be suitable for their cartridge. I once had a CB preamp (42.5) with phono cards, but I much prefer that my 252 has none. Now I have a separate phono stage that can be matched easily to a cartridge change, without buying new different ‘cards’ to match.