NAC 282 voume control - LED flashes

When I change volume the LED on the volume knob flashes - thought it used to be static.

Could this be low battery warning or have I inadvertently done something???

Do you mean that it comes on momentarily and then goes off? If so, that’s what it’s supposed to do when you change volume and have set display off.

The light will also flash when it’s in program mode, but it should exit that mode after a few minutes. If it’s continually flashing maybe turning it off for a couple of minutes will fix it.

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When I turn volume up/down it flashes on/off.

I wondered about programme mode but it’s done it since last night at least, so that should have timed out.

I thought normally the light was constant when volume was being altered.

Will try a power down as suggested.

OK - further investigation - it’s only on the AV in/out input.

I hooked up my Oppo via 2 of 4 phono RCA to 5 pin DIN (with output RCA’s not connected to anything). Could it be detecting ‘no connection’ or have I somehow affected the input stage connecting a new cable up?

What does your owners manual say? That’s alway my first go to.

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I’ve been browsing the online PDF and haven’t hit on anything yet.

See page E17 - section 14.2

Note: The AV Bypass feature must be used with care. It effectively by-passes the preamplifier volume and balance controls leaving any signal connected to an AV Bypass input to be passed to the power amplifier and speakers at full volume.
In order to reduce the potential for inadvertent mishap, any subsequent modifications to input assignment will automatically disable previously set up AV Bypass inputs. Additionally, if an input is selected which has AV Bypass enabled, the preamplifier volume and balance handset functions will be disabled and their indicators will turn off. This will be flagged by the volume or balance indicators flashing if either handset function is operated.

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I had the RCA connectors hooked up to L/R RCA sockets between the balanced XLR sockets - volume control actually wouldn’t move - LED flashing.

Switched to FR/FL speaker out (though not sure if downmixing), and volume control behaves as normal.

Sound was fine from the L/R sockets on the left, just no remote control possible.

Oppo electrical issue??

Great thanks - I find the manual a little confusing as they refer to several models.

I must have inadvertently enabled this, does merely reconnecting the RCA plugs reset this mode I wonder?

Thanks james_n that seems to have fixed it!

I find I sometime inadvertently hold prog instead of vol+ - that may have caused it along with other keypresses - probably lucky!!!

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Doh! Probably had the wrong input selected as just swapping leads to a different Oppo out shouldn’t have affected the setting.

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