NAC 332 AV Input

I do not understand the 332 manual on AV input. It says input trim will be ignored when using this input and that volume will be fixed, output equal to input.
At the same time it says I can adjust the input trim on this spesific input.

I am curious if it is possible to adjust the fixed gain in setup mode or if it always will be max for this input.

Spesificly, I am concerned - if I enter setup mode by pressing and holding the AV-button, and then try to select the desired input (for AV) by turning the volume knob, and my 333 is playing on input 7 (f.x.) - will the the output be at maximum level when «passing» input 7?

This could be a potensially easy way to make a very costly mistake?

You can choose to activate what is effectively av bypass mode by setting the trim to maximum.

If not set at maximum, then it works the same as the other inputs.


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