Nac 332

Hi again people, sorry to keep asking silly questions.
I picked up my nac 332 yesterday and I was wondering if there is a diagram explanation of the buttons on the remote. I am struggling to get the balance right between the two speakers.
2. The thin cable at the rear that joins the 332 to the nc250, which sockets do they go in and out of?
Many thanks :+1:

Have you read the user manual yet?

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Check with your dealer or with Naim support because I seem to recall that someone had a 332 where the the way the balance worked on the remote was reversed, which may account for your struggles here. AFAIK, the firmware was updated and corrected but may have missed your unit, so your dealer may need to update it.

Thanks for your replies, but the user manual is gobbledegook to me. Even the manuals for the old naim were the same, but there again I only went to a secondary modern. :+1:


I don’t tend to read manuals either and didn’t have any issues getting my 222/250 plugged in and running. It’s pretty straightforward. The system automation cable connection was obvious to me as well. If you pull up an image of the rear panel view of the amps it might be easier.

Just figured it’s an often overlooked first port of call, as Richard states a call to the supplying dealer should remedy any setup needs or required updates.
Hope you get sorted soon enough, decent setup you’ve got there :+1:t2:

The system automation connection on 200 and 300 Series products (Remote Out/In) support optical Toslink in preference but can support an electrical connection to legacy products.

In your case connect the optical 3.5mm cable that came with the NAP250 from the Remote Out on the NAC332 to the Remote In on the NAP250, this will automate the display brightness levels and power on/off.

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Thanks people, it’s just that I am not technically minded and I struggle to understand, sorry :pray: KRO :+1:

I’d suggest that it’s simply a case of thinking that you don’t understand it. Of course you can. If you can manage to sign up to the Forum and post threads, you can work your remote and follow the manual. It’s just learned helplessness.

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Been trying to change/update my system in my profile? For several weeks can’t figure it out, so it will have to stay like it is. :+1:

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Thanks HungryHalibut :+1:

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