Nac-52 1999

I’m contemplating buying a 52 from 1999.

When wants the POTS8 upgrade introduced?

If this model does not have the upgrade can this be fitted nowadays?

How much would a typical service cost?



A 1999 nac 52 is very good one. Has the more greenish olive panel and is getting near to last series.
I am no specialist, but think that pots 8 is already included. On a German auction site there is one from 99 stating pots 8 to be originally included.

What is the current price of such fine box?

By '99 you’ll have the Pots 8 - it was introduced in December '97.

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I think I’m looking at a different advert, but as usual the vendor won’t accept PayPal and I’m a bit long in the tooth to execute a bank transfer and hope for the best.

Anyway an amusing distraction for a lazy Saturday afternoon :sunglasses:

If you collect the item you should avoid paying up front (with Paypal) for your own security. If the item is to be delivered, you should only pay with Paypal, again for your security. There are tried and tested ebay scams that apparently still get used.
Fine if it’s a known seller you can trust. I find asking a couple of questions usually makes it easy to tell the HiFi enthusiast apart from the scammer who won’t know what you are talking about.


I test it same way. Having a long phone call tells you a bit more if there is a serious seller behind.
But still a guess…

I had concerns when I bought a NAP500 from Italy…I had several long conversations with the owner…then went and checked his online presence…common sense. But ultimately it is a risk…

I would try to buy it a bit more expensive ( 100 pounds for example) but by PayPal. Perhaps he doesn’t want to pay the eBay and PayPal taxes.
When I sold my SME 20 for 7k, eBay and PayPal took me around 500 euros.
However I would not pay by bank transfer. Too risky.

A few years ago my brother made a rather costly mistake. He was persuaded by a seller on Fleabay to make a bank transfer instead of paypal and in return was sent an empty box.

Caveat Emptor.

If they won’t accept PayPal it’s a hard pass. Perhaps it’s worth offering to cover they transaction costs, especially for such a prized unit. If they still refuse then that is all you need to know.

If they refuse it is a sign. Offering pick up (even if you live far away) is also a test.
Often you receive no answer…

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