NAC 52 with NAP 350s?

Has anyone tried this?

Probably too early in the products life cycle for someone to have bought a new pair of 350’s to run on a 52 however the 500 was designed with the 52 and 135’s are the 52 staple so I imagine the mix would be good. The Olive groove and warmth might even balance the 350’s better than one of the new pres…

Worth a demo I reckon.


Are you thinking of going for a pair of 350s Jim?

@JimDog save yourself 6k and look out for a used none DR500 as stated up thread the 500 was designed around the 52.


I think if I was in the market for replacing my beloved 135s I would either go for 500, 500 DR or 300DR.

All the above are now good value. The 350s are still very expensive new.


500 would be my choice too. But it’s not going to happen. :neutral_face:

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No, I am just interested whether anyone has heard the 350s with a 52.

Wouldn’t it have to been unbalanced output to balanced in which I do remember Richard talking about awhile back.

Once that’s done, I’m not too sure whether you’d have synergy going on?

I was just about to post the same question but with a 552.
I have limited space so I could not fit a 500 and power supply in place of my 300DR.I could however take out the 300DR and power supply and fit 2 350’s in the same space on the Naim Frame.
So I would then have Mono’s powering the speakers but would it be better sounding than a 500 DR ???
Don’t mean to hog the thread.

The 500DR sounds better than 350s. 350s very very good. Maybe an improvement on 300DR. I haven’t heard 552 with 350s though. 332 300 350s sound great. 552 500 better.

You only need to change the legs over and have medium Fraim legs to get 500 head unit in. Is this not possible?


Thanks Dan for the reply.
I have these units under a shelf and I have the units 3 high under the shelf which includes a CD player.
I noted a comment which appears to be true where a 500DR is now the same price second hand as the
Pair of 350’s which is half the price roughly as a new 500DR. Its difficult to get a Demo on this level of equipment here in Ireland. I suppose the real question is if a 500DR was designed for a 552 how can a pair of 350’s sound better. Also the 500 is 140 Watts per channel and if the 350’s is 175 Watts will this make a huge difference?


Personally I think the 500DR exudes more gravitas and probably goes louder than the 350s. It will be a better match with 552DR.

The difference between 140 and 175 watts isn’t a great deal. 140 watts is going to be loud enough and should power most speakers well.

I have 135s and play them loud and they work well with a 52. Sometimes things just go together.


If one believe in more watts equals better sound then Naim is not the way to go.


I believe those McIntosh amps are monoblocks and weigh over 70kg each and pump out 1200 watts per channel. Then you need speakers to handle that power !

Thanks Dan
I am still undecided which way to jump?? A separate amp with its own Traffo driving each Speaker sounds appealing.
I will let you know either way but i have a few things to sell first.


Their big.

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