NAC 62, HiCap, amp

Having got my decent system set up, Roonified my other ones (Muso, Sonos Play:3 - ug but ok in bedroom, HifiBerry into tube amp setup), my enthusiasm seems undiminished…

I’ve looked out my older Naim kit - I have a 62, and a HiCap, serial numbers 44xx ish, so they are getting on a bit. I don’t think they ache ever been serviced. There’s a power amp kicking around somewhere, and whilst I can’t locate it at present from memory it’s full width and chrome bumper, like the others.

All worked when put away, but may or may not have sounded great - I can’t recall.

  1. Worth getting them serviced and back into use?
  2. Approximate costs?
  3. Is that same sum of money spent better on other things in the used market? (e.g. if I’d not done the tube setup, I’d have recommended I try that)…
  4. what speakers would you pair with them? tempted by something different like electrostatics and near field listening in the home office…
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  1. Yes, absolutely.
  2. Depends where you are… Class A, in Sheffield could be Googled.
  3. Thats a question only you can answer… Personally, I doubt it.
  4. There are so many, many speakers… Linn Kans…?

What source(s) would you put through the amp combo?

streaming - as with my other ones. Some music on a NAS. No vinyl - not got space or time for another hobby :slight_smile: Probably a RPi into a decentish DAC or into my soon to be bought headphones DAC/headphone amp (probably Violectric V380 - which would do preamp job too if needed)

  1. thanks
  2. UK - will check them out
  3. oh go on, have a go :slight_smile:
  4. Don’t I know it. Still think a pair of Martin Logan’s might be worth a try
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  1. Class A are in the UK… :grinning:
  2. No, then. IMO, YMMV… etc :face_with_monocle:
  3. The only speakers I have experience of with Naim amps, are Linn Kans and Royd Doublets. Both are out of production. Am sure other Forum Users can contribute here… :thinking:
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Well… with a system like that it’s got to be SBLs hasn’t it?

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Perhaps SBL’s might be a bit much, for a NAP90…?? IBL’s or Credo’s maybe…?

I recall Neat Motive 2’s being used by Cymbiosis, in a dem, as being a then current near thing, to my Royd Doublets.

I thought it was a full-width CB; 160 or 250?

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160 I think…

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Apologies… ! I dreamt it was a 90… :thinking:
Yes, described as Full Width, so either a 160 or a 250… :grinning:
Better… and probably SBL-capable. Others may wish to comment…

160 is cool… :sunglasses:

For speakers, maybe consider Rega Ela? That’s what I had back in 1990 with my olive 72/HC/90. I still use a pair of them now on my second system of 82/HC/180. Usually there are one or two pairs available on EBay for not too much.

An interesting project, good luck!

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Yes, to Rega Ela’s…!! :smile:

I remember that I dem’ed Rega Ela’s and Royd Doublets, vs Linn Kans (which I owned at that point) and chose the Royd’s. This was back in Dec '99… :astonished:

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I had a 62/HC/140 for a long time into Linn Kans, sounded very good.

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IBL’s are way more difficult than SBL’s. I have them both and SBL’s sound always good or great, but IBL’s seem to come alive only when active or driven by a NAP250 of bigger.

The story goes that Julian V used IBL’s with low end amps (Nait 3 etc), but I don’t see it.


Almost same here. I had a 110 when I first got Kan’s, which was fine. But once I heard a 250… I bought one. And I still have it… :grin:

Both combinations worked well. And just… because… I am currently using my ‘spare’ 140 with my Royd’s, instead of my 250.

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My 140 began life as a 110, then changed when it was serviced by Naim to a 140.
Both amps are very good and Ive been looking for a 110 as a standby for when my 200 is serviced, hopefully in the not too distant future.

My 140 was bought pre-loved, as a ‘spare’ - and sort of, as a look back to when I had my 110.
Its the Shoe Box thing…
AFAIK, my 140 was built like that… :thinking: But I know conversion from 110 was an option, back in the day… :grin:

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SBLs are an interesting call. Not ever heard any but like the design concept behind them. Could make a very nice office system, as the close-to-wall placement would suit the space. Is there an emoji for heading off to look on eBay?