Nac 72, 52 or 82?

Hi, I hope there is someone who can help me. I own a Nac 72 and a Nap 250. I don’t know the Nac 52 and the Nac 82, is there anyone who can explain the real differences between these three preamplifiers? I thank you now.

The 52 was the forunner to the 252 and then the top of the range Pre Amp that Naim produced. It comes in 2 variants, 1 with the 52PS (earlier) and the other with the original SuperCap. The 82 sat below the 52 and was replaced by the 282. The 52 is a higher level pre amp but the 82 is still very well respected. The price difference is likely to be a few thousand pounds anyway so you have most likely worked out this is quite a step up from the 82.

The 82 vs 72 splits some users so if you need the extra functionality of the 82 I don’t think you would be disappointed by the sonics. If you don’t need the extra functionality then the difference to my ears was more of a preference thing in terms of presentation. I could not say one was distinctly better. Its some time back but I really liked both.

If you can afford the 52 and have the space for 2 full size boxes then go for it! You won’t be disappointed!


Thank you Steve

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The 82 can be powered by a hicap, 2 hicaps, or a supercap.
The 52 requires a 52ps or a supercap.



I am currently running a Nac 52 and a Nap 250, I have also owned a Nac 62 and 82.
I originally had the 62 through a hi cap and Nap 140, Which I upgraded to a 250
when I got the 82, I ran it with 1 hi cap then 2 hi caps.
The second hi cap made quite a difference.
When I got the 52 the difference was very noticeable, More depth sharper definition.
The 82 is no slouch though, incidentally my 52 is a late one with the pots 8.

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A 72 is such tremendous value. I went from a 282 to one and felt I was giving up almost nothing.

That said, when a serviced POTS 8 52 became available, I went with it and the difference is very large.

Based on the above, I’d only move from a 72 if I was going all the way to the 52.


But do you think there is a big difference between Nac 72 and Nac 82?

Ok Thank you

I used a 72 from launch, and replaced it with an 82 in 1993. I felt there was a big step up, As I recall my impressions from 26 years ago, the bass tightened up and was even faster, and the midrange improved. I replaced the 82 with a 52 2 years ago, that was a very major improvement, everything just seems clearer. They’re all great amps, for me each step up the range gives you more of the stuff I like in the one below.


Well, for me the 82 is a huge step up from 72, with 1 HC on both.

Later went 82/2HC to 52. This step, for me, wasn’t nearly as big an upgrade.

YMMV, of course.


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